How Will Going Green Help Me Personally?

How will going green help me personally? This is the question many people ask if they are advised to go green. They actually believe in doing everything fast. So they mis-perceive that going green will slow the pace of their life.

It is generally thought that going green means adopting the living style of ancient time. It was the time when there was no machine. Everything was done manually. So there were no emissions, no excessive waste and no effluent. People had abundance of resources and they had a natural life style.

Indeed that time was quite good for health and wellbeing as most of the things were close to nature. But they did have a lot of hardships while doing their daily chores. They had to travel on feet or on an animal that was quite risky and took time as well. They had to use most of the food products in their crude form. So they had to consume a lot of unrefined things with food.

going green
What going green actually is?

So assuming that ancient time was the ideal time for humanity and that is why now it is being re-titled as go green lifestyle is a wrong notion. By going green you need not to abandon any comfort or luxury. Nor you need to do daily chores manually.

What going green demands is care and just care. It means you do have all the rights to use everything you have but with care. If you are rich it is good but it doesn’t mean you have the right to waste your resources. If you can afford everything it doesn’t mean you can throw anything as half-used.

Real message of going green

The real message of going green is; take everything of this world as the common property. Whether it is your personal car but it actually is the part of our whole planet. If you overuse it and make it out of order fast you need to discard it and buy the new one. It means you are adding its scrap on land that is of everyone and also early buying another car that you otherwise could have bought a little later to keep it unused in the showroom.

What going green wants from you?

In short going green simply wants that don’t consider everything you use as your personal property. There are several things that are your personal property. But their careless use add something on our land, water or air. If you don’t fully consume food and throw it in dustbin so it will go onto earth adding land pollution. Otherwise it could have gone to the belly of any hungry around you.

Live simple to go green

Green way of living just wants you to adopt a simple way of living. It calls for using as much resources as you literally need.

Isn’t it unwise to use a car alone in which three seats are empty? It means you are wasting the space of three seats and just using one seat. So it solution is to use a mode of transport that is for one person only and also it consumes lesser fuel.

Or invite your other housemates to be with you in your car for going to their workplace or educational institution.

So next time if someone asks you “how will going green help me personally” your answer simply should be: “it will make you rich and healthy”. By using resources with care one can save a lot of money and moderate consumption of food makes us healthy and fit.

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