25 New Year Slogans To Motivate People Go Green

On New Year people make different kinds of resolutions to make their life better. Some resolve to work harder to get higher grades. Some pledge to get a new job. Some other vow to make their relationship better in New Year.

Does anyone make a resolution to protect our environment? Maybe a few but majority of people don’t care how fast our environment is degrading.

new year slogans

So it is best time to motivate people go green on New Year. These New Year slogans will convince people we must care our environment.

These New Year slogans can be chanted, sent through sms and share on social media to let more and more people receive the go green message.

  1. Happy New Year To All Nature Lover
  2. Unite To Protect Our Environment This Year And Beyond
  3. Earth Is Only Livable Planet So Just Save It On New Year
  4. Celebrate New Year But Don’t Hit Our Environment
  5. Pant A Sapling Now; It Will Grow As Tree In One Year
  6. Embrace New Year As Green Lover
  7. Do Your Share To Care Nature This Year And Beyond
  8. This Year Will Pass But Environment Will Remain So Protect It
  9. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle To Make This Year A Green Year
  10. Save Energy, Save Environment And Say Happy New Year
  11. Who Cares But You Must Do On New Year And Beyond
  12. Welcome Every Year and Make It Green
  13. Convey Your Go Green Message On New Year
  14. This Land Is Our Land So Just Save It On New Year Too
  15. Who Says Nothing Is Wrong With Environment; They Are Liar
  16. Make This World To Stand Up And Mitigate The Effects Of Climate Change
  17. Shun Pollution Every Year All The Time
  18. Save Environment, Save Humanity And Happy New Year
  19. Even A Drop Of Water Should Never Be Dropped. Save Water
  20. Love Your Environment And Enjoy New Year
  21. Don’t Hate Polluters; Hate Their Act Of Polluting
  22. Love All, Love Environment And Happy New Year
  23. For Life On Earth Save Our Environment
  24. Go Green For You And For Your Coming Generations
  25. Hatred For None And Love For All Including Environment

So these are the 25 Happy New Year Slogans. You can chant them, share them on social media, and sms them to your friends throughout the year. Message of each slogan is evergreen so don’t shelve them after start of coming year.

Do you have any other New Year Slogan in addition to above? Do share with us as many as you remember and add in the list.

I am sure you would also reshare this on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest with your friends and family. Always remember together we can make our environment a better place to live.

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