How to create an environmental podcast (online audio)?

Podcast means an audio program. After mushrooming growth of smart phones and Iphones it is now easy to record anything.

So you can create easily an audio file with your mobile. It is not an ordinary file and has good quality as well.

If you upload it on any website people can listen it whenever they have time. Even they can listen it while doing another chore. They need not to give attention as they do to read a text post.

To make people listen your environmental podcast you simply have to promote it and that’s all.

First create a podcast

The simplest way is to record your podcast with your good quality smart phone or iphone. Else you can download the audio recording software audacity on your PC and record with it. For recording with your PC you need a good quality mic.

environmental podcastThe cheapest one is ClearChat Comfort/USB Headset H390 Noise Cancelling Microphone Headphones for Computer (Black) and available for $20 on Amazon. I recommend to use your cell phone initially.

Name your podcast

If you are environmentalist, go green activist or an environmental NGO it is better to establish your podcast network.

For example Green Radio, Radio Green, Green Bites or anything like that. It will become your brand once you have several audio programs.

Select the audience

Then choose the audience to make it listen your podcast. It may be your neighborhood residents, your community, people of a small town or a professional/student group etc.

Once you have clear idea of your audience you would easily know how to access it. You must know if it is on social media or on an online forum or on different online places.

Your target audience should be the one that really want to obtain environmental info you want to deliver for their awareness.

Pick the subject

After selecting your audience the second step is selection of main subject of your podcast network. Environment or go green is a broad topic. You need to create its sub-topic to be specific and create your niche market.

For example simple living, healthy food, organic products, tree plantation or green energy are the sub topics of your main subject. So select the one or a few of them that your audience badly want to know.

Make series of topics

Now you should select different topics that you need to cover in your environmental education campaign. For example if you select the sub-topic of green energy your topics of each podcast could be:

  • What is green energy?
  • Main types of green energy
  • Top benefits of green energy
  • What are the sources of green energy?
  • Household methods to create green energy
  • Equipment to create green energy
  • How to maintain your green energy equipment?
  • Etc etc

Once you have topics now it is time to go for creating outlines of each topic.

Create outlines

To record a podcast you can write the whole message which you want to convey to your audience. But it will not create impact. People would understand someone is reading the message.

The better impact can be created by talking extempore. It gives an impression as if you are talking to them. So just write the main points which you want to cover.

Research first

Check online what has already been shared on all points of your outlines. Check it with different sources to avoid including any wrong info in your podcast.


Once you have sufficient info to convey to your audience do a rehearsal. Just speak in front of your mobile phone or mic and cover all the points of your outlines.

Set the duration

Then set the length of time of your podcast. Check that in how much time you rehearsed it. That would be the duration of your podcast. Generally it should not be more than 15 minutes. Else people would get bored.


Record your podcast. First of all make your surrounding noise free. Switch off your phone or silent its bell. Switch off the doorbell. Ask housemates to keep silence till your record it. Once you record it save its file on your computer to edit it.

Edit the podcast

Either you record it with your mobile or with audacity you have to edit it in your PC. The editing software audacity guides you step by step to fully edit it. If you can’t follow its instructions just write “how to edit podcast with audacity” in YouTube and you would get so many videos to learn from them.

Editing generally includes:

  • Removing the parts where you fumbled and replace it with another same piece by recording it again
  • Dividing your podcast in different segments by putting royalty free music between each two segments. You can download royalty free music from here.
  • Putting the intro in the beginning with very exciting piece of music.

Fine tune

Now listen the whole environmental podcast after its complete editing. If still you feel somewhere is any shortcoming remove it by editing it again.

Convert music file into MP3

Convert your ordinary audio file as MP3 to make it playable on any music site. Open your PC’s VLC media player by going into “Media” and then by clicking on convert/save.

A pop up window as “open media” will appear, click on add option to bring the file from your PC which you want to convert.

Now click on convert/save and it will ask you to choose the output format from dropdown menu. Click on MP3 audio format and then click on Browse to select the destination folder where you want to save it. It’s done.

Where to upload your podcast?

You can share your podcast with your target audience directly from your PC. For this you need to email it directly to all your audience and that is practically not possible.

So it is best to first save it online at any free place and from there share it on social media to invite your target audience to listen it.

Audioboom and SoundCloud are two online podcast platforms where you can save your podcast for free. Both the sites guide you step by step how to upload your podcast there.

If you want to create your podcast network professionally by investing in it then you need to buy hosting to make your own podcast site. There are many podcast hosting sites. I recommend The Podcast Host as one of the best for you. It has not so higher rates for professional podcasting.

How to finance your environmental podcast network?

You can get advertisement from your local business to meet the hosting expenses of your podcast. Also search donors around you who sponsor such environmental awareness projects.

Promote your environmental podcast.

Finally promote your podcast on social media, online environmental forums and all other online places where green lovers get together.

Also you can promote it by placing an ad on Facebook or Google AdWords if you have some funds to promote it commercially.

Keep podcasting

After making first podcast keep creating more and more the make more and more people environmentally aware.

Our small efforts would collectively make a big change if we all keep struggling to make our world a happier and greener place to live.

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