Do you know the real truth behind auto battery recycling?

Battery is an important source of power in the engine of your vehicle. It needs recharge once its power is fully consumed. After a few recharge its service life ends and it needs to be discarded. But it can’t be discarded like a normal item of usage. It has several toxic matters in it.

So it is quite hazardous to dispose it of like we do in our daily life. It is not an ordinary redundant stuff like canes and packets of usable items. Details on it in last segment of this post.

2 popular ways of auto battery recycling

There are two ways of auto battery recycling. Most people blindly rely on first one and put the whole burden on seller of the batter. Let’s check how these two ways are.

auto battery recycling
Returning it to seller for recharge 

There are several brands of battery which are sold with the promise of return after end of its service life. You pay the price of battery inclusive of a refundable amount.

Once you fully consumed the battery you simply have to refund it get back your refundable amount. This is the easiest way to promote auto battery recycling. But all companies are not that much environmentally responsible to do advance arrangements for its recycling.

Throwing it away

The second option is directly related to you. If you know the hazards of battery garbage you would never throw it like a normal garbage.

You would either resale it to any recycling company or ask someone to lift it for recycling and you won’t charge a penny for your used battery. But consumers should be fully made aware on harms of used batteries’ inappropriate disposal.

Harms of improper disposal of auto battery

If you throw an auto battery with other garbage of your home into a community dustbin what will happen. It is likely that:

Consumed battery has still various hazardous material that may spill into the garbage while being thrown or lying in an open place. The waste collector or people moving nearby the community dustbin may get affected by its spilling of harmful matter.

Any unauthorized company may lift it from the final disposal destination of garbage and may recycle it with substandard raw material. Eventually you may buy that poorly recycled battery which may affect the engine of your vehicle.

It is also against the environmental ethics to dispose of any harmful material in a way specified for ordinary garbage disposal.

The solution

The best solution to promote auto battery recycling lies in its green marketing. If people get fully aware of harms of discarding used battery in an ordinary way they will not do this and try to sell it to any recycler. As a result more batteries would be recycled and price of reconditioned battery would decline.

People would prefer to buy recycled batteries because of price factor. Ultimately auto battery recycling would become an established practice and this process will be continuing to reduce the waste on earth.

Go for authenticated auto battery recycling

So the best way to avoid any kind of harms of used batteries lies in its authenticated recycling. It could be done by selling your used battery to a certified auto battery recycler. Simply search on Google “auto battery recycling companies in (name of your city)” and you would get the list.

Do check if your selected company is really certified by examining the seal of the government on it. It is possible for a company to claim to be certified but actually it simply has an inspection certificate and maybe actually it’s not authorized by the government.

By taking a little care while doing our daily life chores we can stay safe from a lot of environmental hazards. Equally such actions would also keep our environment safe.

So an environmentally aware action simply requires a little research. Use your cell phone or laptop to examine if you are following a safe way to buy or sell a thing.

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