SHOCKING: Diet soda makes you gain weight!

Do you take low-calorie sweetener in your food consumption?

Are you so happy that you won’t gain weight because you take diet soda?

I have huge sympathies for you.

I firmly believe after reading this post you would come back to normal calorie intake. You would come to know by taking them you are not controlling your weight. Actually you are gaining weight by doing so.

If you feel you lost a few pound weight it could be because of any other precautionary measure. It could be because of doing more physical activity or controlling your diet. Be sure it is not because of taking low calorie sweeteners.

diet sodaDiet soda promotes obesity

A recent study revealed that instead of controlling your weight diet soda increases obesity. All types of diet soda claims to have low-calorie sweetener. But this research found that such sweeteners have heavier related weight. Its users have larger waist and abdominal obesity.

The study examined more than 3000 food diary records. It examines details of their consumption of low-calorie sweetener in all food products.

All the collected information samples were of people who were taking low-calorie sweetener in variety of foods. They were from different age groups, with different level of food consumption and physical activities.

Shockingly all were found facing adverse effects of low-calorie sweetener. The adverse effects were proportionate to their dietary intake and physical activity.

The counterproductive sweeteners

Study couldn’t have found any such sweetener that helps reduce the weight. It was actually promoting obesity in its users. Different quality and brands of low-calorie food products were consumed by the people taken into this study.

No big difference was found in all such products. Many of them were making people to gain weight more and some other were causing lesser level of obesity. Surprisingly all of them were not helping people lose or even control their weight.

What is an eyewash?

Experts say this is the feeling of low-calorie sweeteners’ intake that misguides people. After taking such products people don’t feel any heaviness on their belly. This is the key selling secret of all types of such products.

The ultimate option

So instead of using any kind of such sweetener try to use natural sweetener. It is found in all natural food products that you directly get from nature.

These are grains, fruits and vegetables. No doubt they don’t act fast. But you can get your desired level of sweet by consuming them regularly.

Obesity is a silent killer

Obesity is one of the biggest health concern of this world. It is estimated that till 2025 nearly one billion people would be suffering from it.

It is a pity that this disease, yes obesity is disease, never see who is poor or who is rich. It hits whoever doesn’t control his diet and avoids physical activities.

As a result both high-income and low-income countries’ population equally suffers from this silent killer. It is the first step towards blood pressure, sugar and eventually towards coronary disease. So why shouldn’t it be called a silent killer.

Adopt natural living

All solutions of your obesity problem lies in natural living and not in any alluring product. So adopt healthy way of living by:

  • Taking balanced diet with a good mix of pulses, vegetables, fruits and a little meat
  • Walk on feet as much as you can while doing all your daily chores
  • Enjoy your life but never overspend while doing any pleasure

You can’t adopt a simple lifestyle at once. So adopt small habits of living simple one by one and then take big steps. We must believe that small steps eventually make a big journey. So one day we would be spending a healthier and happier life.

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