10 shameless reasons why people pretend to be eco friendly

Have you ever head someone saying it is not good to protect our environment?

Or you ever saw someone clapping on cutting of a tree?

Or someone is smiling at the smoke emitting vehicle.

Absolutely not.

Everyone frowns at every act of polluting.

But if he has to choose the green way he first ensures his own short term benefit in it then go for it.

If a car smokes more but costs less he wastes no time to guy it. If shopkeeper gives him grocery in a free plastic bag he doesn’t care if it is biodegradable or non-biodegradable.

In short if his decision to do something benefits him and doesn’t save environment he goes for it. On the contrary if his decision benefits him less and save environment he avoids taking it. Be it a buying decision or consumption of anything.

Why people pretend to be eco friendly?

eco-friendly It means most of the people shed crocodile tears on rising environmental degradation but practically doesn’t do much for its mitigation. Its reasons that I observed in my previous twenty years professional life of environmental awareness are ten. They just pretend to be eco friendly.

1. To grab the attention

If you talk about environment people appreciate you. That is why people love to get that appreciation for which they have nothing to do.

Just a few sentences to lament the sad plight of environment and everybody would be nodding his head. So you can get others attention by talking loud about rising pollution or worsening climate change.

Don’t you believe me? Just try it and see how people would respond to you. I am afraid you may become habitual of doing this. So don’t even try it.

2. To look smart

If you talk high about environment people would take you as a smart person. Those who love environment are actual smart because they know how important it is to be eco friendly.

So just to look smart people try to be champion of environmental care. Though practically they don’t care or don’t care much.

3. To seem to be aware

People want others take them as quite aware people. Either they know something or not but they want people think they know everything.

So they talk as if they are fully aware on environment. But actually they don’t have real knowledge of environment and its benefits. If they had known it they would have been loving environment and fully taking care of it.

4. To impress others

Mostly people never miss a chance to impress others. They do know if they talk about environment all would admire them.

So to impress others they express their anger on every act of polluting. But while doing so they don’t mention who is polluting. They just collectively denounce all polluters though many sitting with them may be equally harming our environment.

5. To defend their misdeeds

Many people just to cover their faults change the topic and talk about environment. If someone asks them what they are doing for society they instead of replying him speaks of their desire to make environment safe for our health.

But their desire remain a desire and never sees the light of this practical world.

6. To deceive others

It is also generally observed that people with a little bad reputation try to repair it by showing their sympathy for sad plight of our environment. They express sorrow that trees are being cut and nobody is taking any action. Actually by talking so they deceive those who actually know their misdeeds.

7. To soothe their conscience

Many polluters openly violate the laws of environment but very passionately advocate the environmental protection and safety.

Actually by talking in favor of environment they try to soothe their own conscience that sometimes sting them.

8. To remain competitive

To show themselves up to the fast pace of life people try to behave as if no one cares for environment more than them. They actually want to show how competitive they are that they know what is happening around in terms of environment.

9. To look creative

Creative people are mostly nature lover. So non-creative people also shows their fake love for environment just to prove they are creative. But actually they are not and they just exploit the topic of environment for their own interest.

10. To look civilized

If you don’t love environment it is taken as a wild attitude. So to look civilized people avoid admitting that they don’t care their environment. They try to prove they not only love it but are very sad on its fast degradation.

So these are the ten shameless reasons why people pretend to be eco-friendly. I am not talking about all the people. There are thousands and thousands of people who madly love environment and do whatever is possible to save it. But they are just a few millions while this world is of nearly 7 billion people.

So this is a very small proportion of people who really love environment. We need to turn more and more people be eco friendly to keep our environment safe for us and for our younger generations as well.

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