Do you know these 7 social causes of pollution?

We all know what are the main causes of pollution?

The main cause of air pollution is smoke that is emitted from silencer of vehicles and chimney of factories.

The biggest cause of water pollution is not treating industrial and municipal wastewater and releasing it directly into water bodies.

The main reason of land pollution is mismanagement of solid, industrial and hospital waste.

But no one thinks how these causes came into being.

A few hundred years ago why there was no any cause of pollution. So there was not as much pollution as it is now.

Do you know that what are the causes of pollution that are not scientific? They are social causes and came into being after change in social values.

causes of pollutionTo be upfront all the scientific causes are the offshoots of social causes of pollution.

7 social causes of pollution

Here are ten social causes of pollution that you might never know before.

1. Collapsing family system

Earlier people loved to live with their family. There was no concept of living alone or of single family. So all the household chores were done collectively. Ease was not the main criteria to pick a task. People didn’t avoid labor and happily to any difficult task.

Once family system started collapsing people wanted everything ready-made. They avoid doing household chores by themselves. They wanted everything to buy and consume directly without its any processing at home.

So the demand of packaged food and consumer items got a big boost. When everything was bought and sold in packets the issue of solid waste raised its head that is one of the main causes of land pollution.

2. Procrastination

Earlier convenience was not the main objective of life. People loved to walk, cook food with fresh ingredients and didn’t need machine for doing everything.

So consumption of products was lesser and industries were producing only heaving products for constructions and transportation.

Once the convenience took the lead in priorities of people, everything was changed. Now only those chores are done manually that are impossible to done with machines. So rise in demand of machines boosted industrial production that ultimate rose the demand of fuel to run the machine. So rise in pollution was obvious with the burning of fuel.

3. Decline in ethics

As soon as the sole criteria of respect and regard became money people forgot about ethics. They never cared if their actions could disturb others. Their main thought was to save more and earn more. So they forgot about everything other than money.

4. Greed for money

When people realized no one would respect them if they don’t have money they got mad for money. They never thought if their action would hit the environment. Their main concern was if an action would make them earn more or not.

5. Deserving less, desiring more

To compete with others, people started desiring more either they deserve it or not. So they applied every method to achieve their goals. They never cared if their way of doing thing would hit the environment.

So their unending desires made them machine to get as much as they can. This also lowered down the quality of everything so rise in level of pollution was natural. Everyone know that poor quality is the worst enemy of environment.

6. Achieving more in lesser time

Haste became the nature of people as they relied more on machines. They wanted everything work like machine. So they started to achieve more in lesser time. This created chaos in life where everyone got in hurry.

So fast way of living raised the reliance on machines and packaged products. As a result air pollution and land pollution levels rose further.

7. Belief in short-lived pleasure

Instead of eternal bliss people started running after pleasure for a while. Eating a hot dog, watching a movie, going for hiking was taken as the sole source of pleasure.

People forgot the pleasure of being with family. They forget the joy of friendship and just looked at materialistic things to enjoy. So again demand of different pleasure products rose that boosted the industrial activity resulting in rise in pollution.

So these are the seven major social causes of pollution that have made our life hell. Now we are just spending our life instead of enjoying it.

What is your take on these social causes of pollution? Do you think there are some other causes as well? Share you views in comments section below.

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