Energy Saving Roofs: Now it’s time to take them seriously

Home sweet home. Right.

What are the main features of a sweet home? No lengthy list. A sweet home is the one where you love to stay more and more. Whenever you have to leave it you look it back while moving ahead.

It means your home should have all that you need to live happily. It should be clean and green. It should have moderate temperature. Even if it is too hot outside but your home should be quite comfortable for you.

You may say it could be made cool with air conditioner. But how many ACs you would install to cool your entire house. And what would be the amount of your energy bill if you run two to three ACs for the whole summer season.

energy saving roofsSo your home should be cool and your head should also be cool. Yes if you have to pay big price for the coolness of your home your head can’t be cool even in chilled environment.

What are energy saving roofs?

So how to make your home so cool without paying huge energy bill. It could be done with a lot of tips by making it spacious, keeping cross ventilation more and more, putting greenery in courtyard and above all installing energy saving roofs.

Energy saving roof means the roof that absorbs all the heat coming from sun and make your home cool. Direct sun heats come from the roof so it is one of the most important part of your home that could keep your home cool. And the best thing is it will also keep your head cool. You need not to run ACs for longer time if you have one of the best energy saving roofs. So you don’t have to pay huge energy bill.

Types of energy saving roofs

Energy saving roofs are of different types. But their purpose is same. To keep the home temperature moderate by absorbing less heat and reflecting the sun light. They are usually made of highly reflective paint, sheet covering or highly reflective tiles or shingles.

If you live in a region where hot summer prevails for longer period of time in a year you must go for an energy saving roofs. Else you would be paying higher and higher energy bill. As you know the price of electricity is rising day by day. So one of your utility bill would ever be rising with the passage of time. So any rise in your income would permanently be offset by rise in one of your regular expenditures.

If you live in a rented house you have the option to shift to a home where energy saving roof is already installed. If you plan to buy a new house so never forget to check if it has a cool roof. Is it made of any highly reflective material? If it is not than calculate how much you have to pay for converting it into energy saving roof. So add that amount in your purchase price to accept it as part of the deal.

The easiest way; cooling paint’s coating

The easiest way to make the roof of your home cool is by coating it with a thick cooling paint. In a masonry shop you can buy such paint. But the best way is to hire a mason who would do coating with cooling paint to your roof both its top and ceiling by not charging much. But such coating has the least cooling effect so check if your region does not have very hot summer. If it is; then cooling paint’s coating would work to keep your home cool in summer.

Low sloped roofs

Low sloped roofs includes water impermeable, or weatherproof, types of roof membranes installed on slopes less than or equal to 3:12 (14 degrees).

They are also available as build-up roofs made of a base sheet, fabric reinforcement layers and a dark protective surface layer.

Steep sloped roofs

They are made of either fiberglass asphalt, wood, polymers or metals. For large commercial buildings steel sloped metal roofs are highly recommended. They are also made of recycle material so could be called green roof.

For homes and small offices tiles roof is also another option that are made of clay, slate of concrete. But their slope should be steep to never let the sun’s heat get into the house.

So the main thing is to decide how immediately you should make your home roof as energy saving. The day you will make it you will be saving energy bill by running ACs for lesser time.

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