5 go green tips for students to mitigate land pollution

Actions speak louder than words. Right.

Students also believe in action. They go to school to study. They study to pass the exam. They pass the exams to build their career. They build their career to become good professionals. So on and so forth.

They also are so practical in their social life. They play outdoor games to stay fit. They play digital games because they love to enjoy while be at home. They make so many friends because they love to be with people.

In a same way they do whatever they can do to save their environment. Elders can throw a wrapper anywhere but students never. They must throw it in a dustbin because there are taught to do so.

go green tips for studentsIn short they not simply receive an environmental message but happily act upon it. They don’t defer following a go green lifestyle. They do whatever they can do to go green and live happy.

5 go green tips for students

With this impression of students in mind I am sharing here five go green tips that students can follow quite easily. By following them they can reduce the load of garbage on our land. Ultimately it will help mitigate land pollution.

These are the five easy go green tips for students that they can follow from today. They need not to do anything extra to do this. Nor they have to spare extra time for doing this. Just change their buying and living habits and follow these tips easily.

1. Use fountain pen

If you use pencil or ball pen it will finish after its full use. Then you would throw it and buy the new one. It means wastage of resources.

If you are in higher classes buy fountain or ink pen. So you simply have to buy the ink and will use your ink pen for quite a long time.

2. Don’t throw your old books

The day you pass your exams you are promoted to the higher grade. You just be happy on going into new class with new course. You forget about your old books and just keep it in used items.

Instead you can donate your old books to any community service that distribute those books to deserving students. Or you can sell them to a shop that sells old books. In short don’t throw your books in dustbin that will be treated as garbage and add load of pollution on our land.

3. Use metal lunch box

As compare to plastic lunch box a metal lunch box last for long time. It is easily available in steel. So you can use it for longer period of time and need to buy new one after a while. It will help reduce your consumption and save the resource which you otherwise could have thrown after fully using a plastic lunch box.

4. Fully use every piece of writing paper

Make your habit to use every piece of writing paper fully. Once your copy is filled use its margin space to write your notes or things to do. So you don’t have to buy extra papers for writing small things on them. So you would avoid throwing papers early as half-used.

5. Use your school bag for longer period of time

Every year you change your school bag. You can use it for another year by decorating it with artificial flowers or plastic images. By doing this it will look new and no one would say you are still using the previous year’s bag.

If you use a bag for two or more than two years your consumption would decline and it will save our precious resources. Obviously all the stuff that is used in a bag is precious because nothing is unlimited in this world.

So these are the five go green tips for students to follow easily. Nothing is required to follow them. No money no extra time. Just a little care is required and we can make this world a happier place to live.

Do you know any other go green tip that students can easily follow to reduce land pollution? Share your views in comments section to add more value in this post.

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