10 hidden faces of polluters everywhere around the world

They pollute but no one can punish them.

They pollute but no one can prove by law that they are polluters.

They pollute but are never declared as polluters by any court of law.

Just a few hapless green activists like me point them as polluters but who cares.

No one has that much time to join handful of people like me to unmask their faces.

You may be thinking how come a person pollute but can’t be booked by law.

Or at least how no one can declare him as polluter.

They actually abet others acts of polluting and don’t pollute directly.

They cover the others acts of polluting with their power or skills.

They try to convince people our world has more grave problems than pollution.

pollutersThey are everywhere and the most unfortunate fact is that they are quite powerful. Either they have political power or technical power. Some of them are quite respectable in society while some others may face a little problem but no one can stop them from abetting polluters.

10 hidden faces of polluters

I won’t test your curiosity anymore and will share these ten hidden faces of polluters just to let you know who they are and where they are around you. Just look at them, be aware of them and keep pointing how they are promoting heinous acts of pollution.

1. Selfish popular leaders

They are the so-called leaders all around the world who address short term problems of people. They promise to solve those problems that are harming people right now. They know their efforts should bring results today and people reap their benefits today. So that they may win the next election and prolong their stay in corridors of power.

So they don’t pay heed to environmental problems that don’t have as fast effects as poverty, lawlessness and unemployment has. So they don’t stand for the solution of environmental problems. They promise jobs to people, vow to alleviate poverty and pledge to uphold the rule of law.

2. Wicked legislators

They know the need of making stringent environmental laws to stop every act of polluting with full force. But they also know it won’t make them popular because enforcement of such laws need huge resources. So the available resources may be shifted for stopping pollution and other development activities would have lesser funds.

They fear it will hit their performance because people assess the performance by gauging the amount of development made by them. So they ignore making stringent environmental laws and focus more on making laws that promote development.

3. Short-sighted developers

They are the developers who build roads, bridges, dams and power plants. They go for every cost effective method and never care for environment in their development activities. If they think a coal-fired power plant would cost less they go for it. They prove that it won’t hit the environment with their imaginary data based on assumption.

Most of the environmental rules everywhere around the world are so flexible that they get approval of their development projects on hollow promises and assurances of taking care of environment.

4. Lethargic green regulators

In many parts of the world environmental protection agencies have not proper human and financial resources. They are established to do whatever is possible within limited resources to protect their surrounding environment. EPAs of backward world are glaring example of such clipped-wings regulators.

But they instead of doing whatever they can to protect environment presume nothing would improve with the meagre efforts. So they instead of playing their role forcefully just do it as a formality and never take any strict action against polluters.

5. Money hungry consultants

The main job of environmental consultants is to guide companies to take full care of their environment in their every business activity. But there are many consultants all around the world they instead of making their clients environment friendly guide them how to stay safe from the wrath of green laws by doing minimum for environmental care.

pollutersThey just see how much more money they can mint from their clients by guiding them abiding by environmental laws through doing least possible for the green care.

6. Commercialized media

Now journalism is no more a noble cause as it used to be earlier. People now hold their commercial interest up in media. If a company pollutes environment equally issues to them large advertisements they overlook their acts of polluting or does not cover them spaciously. So they in a way abet polluting companies by not pointing their environmental violations.

7. Cosmetic green NGOs

With vast experience in environmental care many NGOs mostly in backward world have become stereotyped in their working. Instead of advancing their activities to save environment they simply do what they have been doing since long. They are doing same activities that were done when there was not as much technological development as it is now.

So they apply same tools to save environment that were being used a few decades ago when pollution level was not as much higher as it is now. So they also don’t play their role for the mitigation of pollution by following standards of present time.

8. Servants of polluters

All those who work in polluting companies can’t protest against their management that don’t care for environment. They are afraid of losing their jobs if they raise voice against their bosses’ lethargy to protect environment. So their silence actually helps their bosses to continue polluting if insiders have don’t any objection on it.

9. Habitual green activists

There are so many green activists around the world who talk more and do less for the protection of environment. They raise voice against environmental pollution just to prove how environment lovers they are.

But at the time of action they don’t go as much practical as they are in their conversation to just express concerns and pass the resolutions against polluters.

10. Fame hungry celebrities

In many parts of the world showbiz and sports celebrities join a cause for environmental care. But they happily become brand ambassador of any company that does not much care for environment. In short they pay lip service for environmental care but doesn’t do anything practically for it. So their followers adopt the same way of talking more for environment and doing nothing for it.

So these are the ten hidden faces of polluters who actually don’t directly pollute but in a way abet the polluters to keep polluting and remain safe.

Do you think there is any other face of polluter that is masked under another role? Share your thoughts in comments section below.

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