How to avoid all types of food contamination?

It’s a matter of life or death.

It’s a matter of now or never.

It isn’t exaggeration.

I am damn serious and want you to be serious as well.

All types of food contamination are one of the biggest causes of death that is not reported correctly.

So many people died naturally but one of the reasons of their dying is taking unhealthy and contaminated food.

This is more common in poor countries where food standards are not followed strictly.

Even in most of the poor countries food standards never come out of the documents.

all types of food contamination

I can mention so many countries where talking about food standard is a debate topic of elites only.

Those who can afford pricey high quality food talks against all types of food contamination.

While huge majority of poor lot takes whatever food they can buy and vocally says who cares! “We just have to end our hunger with whatever quality of food we can afford”.

The main problem arises at workplace. In most of the workplaces contract of cafeteria is given to those who offer lowest rates. Quality of food is secondary consideration. Company management wants to give monetary benefit to their employees to make them loyal. That’s why it accept lowest bids from food contractors. While outcome of low quality food consumption appears lately so management doesn’t care much about it.

In middle and low income groups food contamination is one of the biggest reasons of health problem. They can’t afford to buy grocery from costly super stores. So they buy from conventional grocery stores where most of the things are sold without any proper packaging.

So mixing of chemical and physical elements is so common. Because of their low prices lower and middle class people don’t have any option but to buy from local grocery stores. Food quality standards are also not followed by such stores because most of them are not registered as well.

What is food contamination?

Food contamination refers to the presence in food of harmful chemicals and microorganisms which can cause consumer illness.

3 types of food contamination

There are three types of contaminated food.

1. Chemical food contamination

One is called chemical contamination that occurs when any kind of chemical substance mixes into our food. It could mix while growing raw food like grains, pulses, vegetables or cattle, poultry and fish farming.

It may be spray of pesticide on fully grown food crop or injection of speedy growth into poultry or inorganic food to cattle.  So their chemical substance stay in them and never finish even after we cook it.

It could also mixes in kitchen while cooking our food if we use any high chemical detergent to clean the kitchenware. In packaged spices and food preservative could also have chemical causing contamination into main item of food.

2. Biological contamination

It includes bacterial contaminants or parasite contamination that is mixed into food through saliva, pest droppings, blood or fecal matter. It is one of the most common causes of food contamination and found more in stale food.

3. Physical contamination

Anything that mixes into food is called physical contaminating agent. It could be dust particles that mix into cooking pot or get into your plate while you are eating food from it.

How to avoid all types of food contamination

The best way to avoid all types of food contamination is eat simple. In this way you could buy costly edible items from a branded store.

  • Instead of buying top quality fish buy any kind of fresh fish that is easily available at lower rates. Simply it should be fresh and there is no requirement for healthy sea food.
  • Avoid consuming more meat and buy lesser from high quality stores.
  • Avoid consuming readymade or fast food. Spare some time at home and cook yourself. Enjoy cooking as it will make you healthier so enjoy a thing that will keep you healthy.
  • Cover up the food while taking it from kitchen to dining room.
  • Use organic cleaners to clean your kitchen utensils and crockery.
  • Cook as much as you can finish in one meal to avoid the risk of its getting stale. If you keep it in fridge lately it could go stale because of lying in warm for some time.
  • Put all the edible items in clean glass jars and clean them as and when they get empty before filling them again.
  • Keep all kitchen items covered and do the dusting of shelf top regularly to avoid mixing of any particle into any open bowl or cooking pot.
  • In short adopt any method that could save your food from all types of food contamination.

This is all about how to avoid food contamination and make you healthy and free from all kinds of health worries. Our a little care could save us from one of the main causes that could badly hit our health.

Do you know any other tip to avoid food contamination? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments section below.

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