How To Create A Video Blog For Green Awakening?

Video blog is an online place under your control where you share your videos on your favorite topic. You can create a video blog for free. If your main objective is to make people aware on environmental issues you should create for free.

Those who want to earn money with a video blog should read my post: Become a green blogger.

On all blogging platforms you can build your blog of any type for free. Especially Blogger and WordPress are the most popular one.

create a video blogHow to create a video blog?

First create your email account that is must to register in any free blogging platform. Then Sign Up in Blogger or WordPress and fill details about your name, email address and password.

So you will have dashboard of your blog. Click on create a blog in Blogger and in WordPress follow its instructions after signing in. Both will guide you what you need to do to set up your free blog.

Name your blog, write its description, write about you, and select a free domain. In Blogger your domain is like this In WordPress it is like

Select domain name that is related to your topic. If you want to highlight the solid waste problems of your area your domain should be like www.garbagehell.wordpress/

You need not to learn how to follow above steps. Both the platforms guide you step by step to fully design your blog with a few clicks of your mouse.

How to create a video for green awakening?

You need not to buy something to create a video for green awakening. Nor you have to learn it formally. Simply your cell phone is sufficient to create a video.

Types of video for green awakening

There are two types of videos which you can create easily.

News style videos for green awakening

One is news type videos in which you shoot an environmental violation of your area. It can be:

  • Open burning of garbage
  • A factory or vehicle emitting smoke more than limits
  • No collection of garbage from any industrial or residential area
  • Sewerage spilling over on streets and roads
  • Cutting of trees
  • Noise emissions by vehicles and factories
  • Releasing untreated wastewater into a water body

Video tutorials to make people aware on environment

A video tutorial is created to educate people on a specific topic. You simply have to shoot it by placing your mobile phone camera in front of you and talk to people what they can do to avoid any environmental problem. Its topic could be:

  • How to go green?
  • How to save energy?
  • How to save water?
  • How to make less noise to avoid creating noise pollution?
  • How to make your home green?
  • How to plant more and more trees?
  • How to reuse, reduce and recycle?
  • How to adopt a green lifestyle?
  • Why green energy is good for environment?
  • What is a green product?
  • Etc etc

In short any topic that needs step by step instructions to explain it could be covered by a video tutorial.

Once you create a video now it’s time to publish it on your blog. So first of all check your video. If its quality is good and no issue of sound etc. In the beginning you will do many mistakes. Don’t lose your heart after creating a few you would make a perfect video with your cell phone.

How to publish your video?

Go to dashboard of your blogging platform and click on new post. First write the title of the video on top and then write a few words about it in the beginning.

Both the blogging platforms show an icon of video to upload it from your hard drive. Click on it and upload it. In the conclusion write a few more words requesting people to reshare this video. It is done. Now hit the publish button.

How to share your video?

Share your video on social media and also email its link to all your contacts. Request them to reshare it to their friends.

So this is all about how to create a video blog and do green awakening. By following above tips you can massively highlight environmental problems of your area and make people support your cause.

Together we can act better act against any environmental violation. A protest with the support of many people can bring better results.

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