11 Super Easy Ways to Go Green In Your Kitchen

Which place of your home is directly related to your health? The one where you cook food. If the food you eat is not hygienic you can’t stay healthy.

So you must go green in your kitchen. It is the best way to keep your family healthy and safe.

Going green in kitchen means no waste of energy, food. It also means no use of anything that may hit your health.

11 ways to go green in your kitchen

I share here 11 ways that are so easy and don’t ask you to spend money. By following them you can go green in your kitchen without any extra effort.

go green in your kitchen1. Use green energy

Check which energy is being made in your country without burning of fossil fuel. If solar energy is available try to install solar energy panel for the whole house. It will supply energy to your kitchen as well.

For cooking purpose use electric stove or fireplace if energy in your country is generated by not burning fossil fuel.

If you don’t have any info about it then go for gas stove. Still avoid using gas unnecessary and try to save it as much as you can. It is itself fossil fuel that is limited in stock and can’t be produced artificially.

Use energy savers in kitchen and also the exhaust fan that consumes least energy. Everywhere energy saving appliances of all kind are easily available.

Some of them have higher prices but its one time investment to cut your energy bill forever. It also helps save your environment by consuming less energy.

2. Organic cleansing of dishes

It is a misconception that dish washing powder made of chemicals works fast. It looks though it simply appears to be working fast.

Try once organic dish washing powder and see the difference. You will never feel any kind of itching in your hands after doing dishes.

3. No waste while cooking

Make food ingredients for cooking as much as you want. Cut the vegetables fully from its head to avoid wastage. In short try to never let anything waste by getting it ready very carefully.

4. Use fridge with care

Avoid opening fridge frequently. Also don’t let it open for longer time. It takes more energy this way. So first plan what you need from the fridge. Then take all things out once.

Also manage things in your fridge according to your need. Those things which you need frequently put them in front. Those that you need less often should be kept at the back side.

5. Use biodegradable plastic bags

It is difficult to put paper bags inside your kitchen bin. So the best way is to use biodegradable plastic bags. These are environment friendly and not hazardous to our environment.

6. Retail products

If it’s not matter of quality try to buy products without packaging. It will cost you less and also help you avoid generating waste. In local markets most of the edible items are available open. Recycling is the best policy

go green in your kitchenBe it organic kitchen waste, cans of edible oil or anything else. Reuse and recycle it to avoid generating waste. Apply your creativity to make everything usable and try to use it in your kitchen.

7. Buy nonperishable things in bulk

Buy in bulk especially those things that don’t perish fast. It will help you save fuel by going less often to food items market.

8. Eat read meat least often

Read meat from animals to your kitchen consumes thousands of liter water in processing. Also it is not much good for health. Especially for aging people and for those who don’t exercise it is quite harmful. So try to consume it least possible.

9. Exhaust the right way

Put the exhaust fan the right way. It should be along with wind direction. If it is at right place it will keep your kitchen airy. So you don’t feel suffocation and will cook happily. Haste makes waste so avoid working fast while cooking.

10. Prefer wooden crockery

Crockery of any type of metal goes harmful after sometime. Being in direct exposure to warm food it gets outdated faster. So the safe option is to use wooden crockery where you can use it. At least use all big spoons made of wood.

11. Keep things that are frequently used

Keep at front only those things that you frequently use. Else in case of emergency you would avoid washing dishes on time and will use all that is available for serving food.

It will help you doing more labor and also save your especial crockery safe from wear and tear. As a result it will help you avoid consume more and generate less waste.

So these are the 11 easy ways to go green in your kitchen and save your money and environment both.


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