How to make a perfect compost bin at home?

Do you want to make a perfect compost bin at home?

It sounds a highly technical job.

But believe me you need not to have any skill while doing so. You simply have wooden lumbers, a few nails and one hammer. That’s all.

So let’s first know why people now need a perfect compost bin. Earlier they dug a rectangular ditch in soil of their courtyard.

But mostly people don’t have that much space. All the space they already use for plantation. So they want a bin without using their courtyard space.

Or many people want a permanent nature of composting arrangement at their home.

Key purpose of making a perfect compost bin

Organic kitchen waste is daily generated at their home. Their main purpose is avoid wasting it and adding into land pollution.

It is the best way of recycling organic waste by converting it into natural manure. It could be used as natural fertilizer to grow your plants.

Required quantity of organic manure

But it is also a reality that you don’t need organic manure in as much quantity as you can produce it with your organic kitchen waste.  So it is good to keep creating it and give it to your neighbors and friends as green gift. No worries just a big paper bag is sufficient to parcel it to your dear one.

What if you don’t have open space in your home?

If you don’t have space in your courtyard so I would suggest you to buy a compost tumbler.

It is like a drum horizontally placed in a stand. It is placed in a way you can roll it to fully mix the kitchen waste as it is necessary to do for better results.

It is fully covered and do not have huge price. It is your long term green investment. You can buy it from any nearby green shop. You can also make it at home by following the tips of this video.

Perfect compost bin

If you want to make a perfect compost bin on permanent basis so create the one at home. You need not to buy it by spending money.

perfect compost binSimply you need to buy wooden lumber and cut it into seven pieces for fixing them as sides of your bin. While you need for narrow width lumber to make its stand to fix it into soil. So it will stagnant on soil.

perfect compost bin

All you can do this by looking at the picture above that how it was created by nailing the lumber together and then fixing it into soil.

So this is all about how to create a perfect compost bin at home without needing any technical skills.

Nor you need to spend a lot of money. A few small and cheap things are sufficient to make the one quite easily.

You may procrastinate making it and buy the organic manure from a shop while throwing your kitchen waste with normal garbage.

But we must remember that if you avoid taking small steps to save our earth one day it will be avoiding us to let us living on it.

So it is wise to keep saving our environment with whatever we can do. Else we don’t have anything to protect it other than repenting on our past mistakes.

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