7 Eco Benefits of Playing Games Together At Home With Family

Lucky are those who have family.

Unfortunate are those who don’t have or they don’t have time to be with their family.

In this era of stiff competition people are damn busy. They work for lengthy hours at their workplace. Cover long distances and then come back home in late night.

When they reach home their kids have slept. So they don’t have the pleasure of meeting their kids after coming home. Eventually they also go to bed to get early in the morning.

playing games together at home with family
Weekend means getting ready for next week

On weekend they have to do all the household chores both indoor and outdoor to spend their next weekend without any problem.

So they try to do everything in advance for next week. They hardly have time to be with family and interact with family members.

They can’t spend quality time with their family if they have to retain their high standard of living. Job or business should be one’s priority.

But the question is people work hard for whom. Mostly for their family. So they must not overlook the fact without a family life one can’t be happy for a long time.

Annual holidays

Only seasons’, cultural and national holidays are the opportunity to spend more time with family. But here again people instead of being with all family members go out. So instead of giving attention to each other try to enjoy outside.

Why to stay home in holidays?

People also defend their going out more and more on holidays by saying how long one can be with family at home doing nothing.

They also say how long one would be watching movies or TV at home or enjoying food and drinks. Obviously family part is quite different from adult party so one can’t go crazy in family gatherings as well.

Playing games together at home with family

But there is another option people usually don’t know to be with family at home without any boredom. This is playing games together at home with family and interact more with each other. How nice it could be when all family members are sitting together and playing any board game.

So the best option is playing games together at home with family and spend quality time with them. In holidays you don’t have any tension of your office or workplace. Nor you have to worry about laundry, grocery or next day cooking. You can do whatever you want to do without worrying about time.

7 eco benefits of playing games together at home with family

But very few people know there are so many environmental benefits of playing games at home with family. So it is good to stay home and save our environment as well.

Don’t worry I would tell you here seven main benefits of staying at home with your family to enjoy and be with each other for longer period of time.

1. No burning of fossil fuel

If you don’t go out it means you are not using your car. So you are saving fuel and that means you are saving one of the precious resources that is fossil fuel.

Not only this but also you are not adding air pollution by burning fossil fuel in your car to drive it. It means you are taking good care of your air environment by staying at home in your holidays.

It does not mean you should stay for the entire holidays at home. You can go out to have fun. But equally be at home as well. Outside you can’t give as much time to your family as staying at home.

2. No risk to food security

What is the most popular activity of outing? People do go to park, for hiking or in super market. But while being outside they also eat.

So they order food but mostly don’t eat all that they ordered. They leave something and that goes into dust bin. This is called food waste.

Do you know that wasted food of whole Europe is enough to feed the millions of hungry people of poor countries? This shows how important to avoid wasting food. This you can’t do in a restaurant as you can do at home.

3. No generation of garbage

Not going outside means not buying any snacks or fast food kind of thing. So you don’t generate garbage that otherwise you could have by throwing their wrappers and packets.

4. Silence is the best medicine

Outside home you have to face noise. It could be higher than tolerable limit somewhere and becomes noise pollution. While at home every noise is under your control. If someone is watching TV with high volumes no problem. You can ask him to lower it.

5. Attention to each other

If you go to a picnic place it is fine. It is also good for health. But you can go there on weekends by sparing a little time.

While in holidays if you go there what you would do mainly. Obviously would watch the scenic beauty and enjoy being there. But you will not interact with your family as much as you can at home.

Also you can play physical games in courtyard of your home or compound of your residence easily. So what is the need to travel and go to a picnic place by doing a lot of exertion?

6. Rest while enjoying

Most of the board games you can play while taking rest at home. In holidays you equally want to take rest. So playing games at home with family will also make you take rest and refresh you to resume your working life.

7. Talk without any meddling

Outside home you can talk with each other but not as freely as you can at home. At any public place you have to be a little formal because people can look at you anytime. While at home you can be with your family quite informal and talk freely.

If you don’t have busy life in working days then you can go outside more and more in holidays.

So these are the seven eco benefits of playing games together at home with family. If you know any other benefit share it with us to add more value in this post.

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