Secondhand Living: The Best Way To Save Money And Go Green

Secondhand living means using secondhand items to spend your life. It is not necessary to adopt it if you can’t afford to buy new things. You can adopt it to go green as it shuns consumerism.

People buy new things and factories keep manufacturing them to meet public demand. It increases the use of energy to manufacture all household appliances and items. Use of energy rises smoke emissions and it hits our air environment.

If people buy things then obviously discard them after their full use. So used things go into trash can and adds garbage pollution.

If more and more people buy used or old things what happens. Obviously demand of used items rises. So recycling businesses takes a boost and new raw material is not be use. While to manufacture new products a lot of new raw material is used. So our resources would remain safe and we need not to face shortage of resources.

secondhand livingWhat to do to adopt secondhand living?

First examine what you can buy secondhand and what you must buy new. There are certain things that you can’t buy secondhand.

First is all food items because it is not possible to consume any used food item be it raw or cooked. Secondly all those things that directly come into contact of your body or skin be it with its internal use or external use. For example razor for shaving, cream for moisturizing etc. In short all perishable items can’t be reused.

Following are the main items you can buy secondhand and avoid consumerism.

Secondhand car

If you need to cover long distances and don’t have public transport in your area you should buy a secondhand car. Buying a used car means not adding another car on roads of your city.

The secondhand car which you would buy was already being plied on roads by your seller. So now its owner is changed and car is the same.

Secondhand clothing

Rich people retire their clothes earlier than low income people. So used clothing shops buy from them sell their clothes on low rates. They are not new but like new and one can easily use them. These clothes are also first washed before selling. So there is no harm to buy and use them.

Also owing to so many income groups in a society fully used clothes of one group are considered to be good for use by a lower income group. So secondhand clothes market has variety of used clothes for all income groups on different rates.

Secondhand furniture

All household furniture is available in used furniture markets that operate in every part of the world. You can buy secondhand furniture in good condition at reasonable rates. It also looks like new because sellers polish it before selling.

Secondhand books

It is one of the most convenient part of secondhand living. In all big cities of every country used books are easily available. Their prices are so cheap and as far quality knowledge is knowledge be it printed on new paper or on old one. So no secondhand product is as better as secondhand books are.

Secondhand home appliances

A little care is advised before buying used appliances. It is likely they have any fault so do check thoroughly before buying them. Many sellers give a few days checking warrantee with such products. So avail it to be safe side and replace the used product if it does not work.

Secondhand IT products

From computer to IPhone everything is available secondhand. Rich people frequently change their gadgets just to keep pace with modern worlds. So their slightly used electronic gadgets are easily available on quite reasonable prices.

So the main reason of buying secondhand products is not your unaffordability only. It’s another reason is to avoid consumerism to save our environment and natural resources as well. So try to adopt secondhand living as much as you can just to save our natural resources that otherwise could be used to manufacture new products.

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