Will climate change really destroy our ecosystem in near future?

We do have a huge majority of ostriches all over the world. Climate change deniers just hide their head in the sand believing the danger will go away. They negate a big reality and hope nothing will happen. How foolish they are.

Ask your elders

You need not to read the scientific analysis or scholarly articles. Just ask your elders how were the weather conditions a few decades ago. Was the weather that much extreme as it is nowadays? Did they see that much un-predicted natural disasters that time. How frequent floods used to come those day.


So their reply will be sufficient to prove how everything related to climate has been changed. The most unfortunate thing is it will be changing till we don’t manage our carbon footprint.

How climate change occurs?

Climate change means abnormal change in climate of the world. It occurs because the heat that comes from sun fails to go back because greenhouse gases hold it mostly on earth. So change in climate is obvious.

Glaciers meltdown causes rise in sea level

It doesn’t stop here that we simply have to face a little hotter climate. It puts its negative impacts on life and environment both. It causes glaciers meltdown that results in rise in sea level.

Effects of rise in sea level

It doesn’t mean that rising sea level simply lifts the water level far above its normal level. Its level has a limit and beyond that it massively spills into coasts around it.

So it flashes the entire beaches and destroy the coastal habitat. Leaving human beings homeless and animals and plants placeless.

The worst outcome is imbalance in ecosystem. It does not happen in one country. Climate is changing everywhere around the world. Sun is only one that sends heat to earth and receives back.

Dwellers of earth despite knowing it causes carbon emissions that hold the heat on earth. So the whole earth’s climate get hot.

It means the sea level everywhere is rising and would rise more in near future because of glaciers meltdown.

Impact on ecosystem

So coastal communities will receive its big hits all around the world. Animals and plants of coasts of the world go placeless. So big change in eco system is obvious.

Its imbalance means big disaster to this world. Nothing could be controlled if its balance gets upset. So eventually there will be warlike situation to our environment where everything would be done on emergency basis.

What happens if ecosystem gets destroyed?

People would try to get everything by doing whatever they can do. Agriculture sector would almost collapse. It means no crops. So people have less food to eat.

Cell phones would be more and food would be lesser. Like now in many non-agriculture countries technology is cheaper while food is costlier. So people would spend more money to buy those things that directly relate to our natural resources. Food and clothes are top of them.

Ultimately they would be spending less for comfort and luxuries. That means decline in advancement. Way of living will focus more on necessities.

So decline in advancement means fall in civilization and rise in barbarism where everyone would be trying to get more and more food.

Right now in Afghanistan there is acute shortage of food. So everyone there has a gun to grab his share of bread and butter.

Avoid burning fossil fuel – the way out

It is better to wake up now and reduce our carbon footprint by minimizing use of all those things that are created by burning of fossil fuel. This is the main cause of climate change as carbon dioxide has major role to hold heat on earth.

What to do?

We should use transport when it is must to use it. Go solar instead of using conventional energy. Conserve all resource to avoid resource depletion.

And above all make people aware that a little steps could save our world from a big disaster that has begun to appear.

We must wake up before it’s too late. Else we don’t have an option other than repenting what we have done to our own abode.

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