Are Causes Of Climate Change Both Natural And Artificial?

Global fraternity is divided on real nature of causes of climate change. To know what is true let’s first know the background of the issue.

Climate means earth’s overall temperature. It depends upon the heat coming onto earth from the sun and its moving back to the sun.

If heat from sun comes more the earth gets warmer and vice versa. If heat moves back to the sun more, earth gets colder and vice versa.

There are three situations which ascertain the amount of heat coming from and going to the sun.

causes of climate change
Greenhouse effects

Greenhouse gases comprise of chiefly: water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and small amount of other gases including tropospheric ozone and chlorofluorocarbons.

  • If these gases remain in same proportion they don’t bring any change in earth temperature. In simpler terms they don’t create any hurdle in coming and moving back of sun’s heat.
  • If any of the greenhouses gases exceeds in proportion it retains more heat on earth and slows moving back of sun heat. As a result earth gets warmer and we call it climate change.
  • Similarly if any of the greenhouse gases get smaller in proportion, the earth temperature cools down and we still call it climate change in terms of more cold.

Means reasons of change in greenhouse gases

The main reason of changes in the proportion of greenhouse gases are both man-made and natural. Factories and vehicles emit carbon dioxide and methane gas that cause more heat on earth.

Natural causes also change the trend of greenhouse gases but it occurs in centuries. These happen owing to long-term change in weather trends.

Secondly the earth’s overall features of retaining and sending back heat to the sun also change by the passage of time. It happens because of natural reasons.

Similarly sun’s capacity to send the heat to the earth and take it back also changes because of consistent natural changes in it. It also occurs in centuries.

Which ones are more lethal for climate?

We can say that man-made causes of climate change appear faster than the natural one.

They also mature to impact the earth temperature in short time as compare to natural causes which take centuries to put their impact.

That is why the more need is to control man-made causes of climate change.

How to control man-made causes of climate change?

To control man-made causes of climate change we need to:

  1. Generate energy from wind and sun instead of by burning fossil fuel which emit huge amount of harmful gases including carbon dioxide that increases earth temperature
  2. Control factory pollution by strictly enforcing green laws to bind factories install stack which releases lesser emissions
  3. Manufacture hybrid car to lessen the vehicular emission and modernize the public transport system to increase its usage because of its enhanced comfort and convenience
  4. Conserve water to let the process of making water vapor continuing without any huge variation to keep the proportion of greenhouse gases unaffected.

Together we can control climate change to avoid global warming and make this world a safer place to live. We do keep in mind planet earth is only one we have to survive physically.

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