Does Vegetarianism Equal Green Living? Or It’s A Myth

If you ask to any sane person does vegetarianism equal green living his reply must be yes. There is no question about it that to go green one needs to be vegetarian.

It is a candid fact that your one time meal with meat consumes ten times more energy than a vegetable or pulse dish from its creation to be ready for eating.

So it is clear now that to adopt green living one needs to bring change in his food consumption and eating habits. This requires regularly applying your will to control your desire to eat meat.

And you can’t control your desire unless you know how alarmingly an individual contributes to climate change and global warming with his consumption-crazy lifestyle.

If someone derives satisfaction from consumption he eventually goes to overconsumption to get more satisfied. Here from downfall of his health also begins.

The real pleasure does not lie in fulfilling every desire. It actually does in fulfilling those desires that are must for your survival. Here again you can say eating food is must to continue living. Yes I agree but nowhere it is specified what type of food you must eat.

vegetarianismFood experts prescribe just a certain amount of different ingredients of diet that you can derive from many types of food. You can get protein from all types of meat but can equally get from pulses. So it all depends upon your will to use which type of food to meet calorie needs of your body.

No extremism in thoughts and action

It is right that one should not be fanatic in his thoughts and action both. Extremism of any kind is not good for anyone. So while adopting green living one can’t live in isolation.

Whatever is common in his society against green living he can’t reject it entirely. Yes he can avoid those things that he can shun easily without offending people around him.

Don’t go against religious beliefs

For example Eidul Adha is a religious festival of Muslims that are nearly 2 billion all over the world. It is their religious belief to eat meat of the animal that they sacrifice on Eid. So they can’t quit eating meat completely. On special occasion they have to.

Follow vegetarianism but don’t go mad for it

So the best option being a practical person is to adopt a balanced approach. Make it your habit to eat more and more vegetables and if the need arise consume a little amount of meat as well. Its over-consumption is not good either for environment or for your health.

More important is to go green

It is not as important to be vegetarian as to adopt sustainable living. There are so many actions that does not relate to eating food but contribute enormously to climate change.

Over-use of vehicle is its best example. If you overuse or unnecessarily drive your vehicle it will emit more smoke. Or despite having a nice public transport system if you commute on your personal car your carbon emissions naturally go up daily.

Adopt green living gradually

So instead of just focusing on one basic necessity we need to be all covering to go green and save environment. Energy can be saved daily if we take a little care. Sitting together in home saves energy while confining to our rooms boosts its wastage.

Easy going green is the best

So simple things that does not require a lot to quit or adopt a specific thing can help us adopt sustainable way of living easily. Why not go green in all the aspects of our life other than kitchen and finally go vegetarian. Meanwhile also cut consumption of meat and eat vegetable that also helps us save money.

Don’t go in isolation

You can adopt sustainable living availing all support from your culture, religion and society.

For example in Hinduism eating meat is already forbidden. So a Hindu is green lover by birth in his eating habits.

Also in Muslim culture much lavish lifestyle is not appreciated. So they can go green in clothing, living and travelling.

In western world people take care of staying fit. For that they take care of their food intake and actually adopt a green living gradually.

So convenience is the best policy to follow vegetarianism and adopt environment friendly lifestyle eventually. It means vegetarianism does equal green living. You just need to follow a rational approach to do that without any problem.

I hope you would share this post on social media to make more and more people adopt a healthy and peaceful lifestyle and that obviously is a green lifestyle.

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