2 stones in my right kidney; thanks to provision of polluted water

Pain was so acute that I could not have controlled my yelling. My family members gathered around me and were so worry to see me biting myself in pain.

My wife insisted me to visit nearby doctor. I suggested it maybe a temporary pain so let’s visit the other day. It was already late night so better to visit in the morning.

The rest of four hours of that night of last week I would never forget in my whole life. I knew how it dawned and I almost ran to nearby hospital where they feared problem in my right kidney.

I went through different tests and two stones in my right kidney diagnosed. You can imagine being an environmental activist  how careful I could be in my life. Especially in food and water intake.

I don’t remember when I drank water not from my home. If I visit any place I do keep a bottle of water with me to avoid intake of any low quality water there.

kidneyMain cause of stone in kidney

We all know that reason of creation of stones in kidney could be many but most important of them are intake of polluted water and unhygienic food.

We can take care of hygiene of our food and water from the point we acquire them and keep in our home. But before that it go through various processes where care is not taken to keep it safe from every kind of hazards.

Pollution problems of Karachi

I live in Karachi the 7th biggest city of the world with almost 30 million population. This city is the nastiest example of mis-governance and bad-management. Everyone is so fond of taking every benefit from it but no one is ready to own it.

It’s main problem is its poorest governance system that took it to the verge of disaster. No department is ready to take the responsibility of its garbage collection.

Those who are assigned to ensure provision of clean drinking water to its people are almost failed to do their job.

Vehicular emission is far above the permissible limits just because no mechanism is there to control it. All departments just look at each other to provide clean air to breath as shifting of responsibility is quite common here.

It’s people who suffer from pollution

I simply wonder that an environmentally aware person like me could be victim of polluted water and suffer from kidney stone.

What about rest of the people. Majority of population of this city is barely educated while those living below poverty line are not registered anywhere.

It proves that in every backward country like Pakistan people are suffering from various pollution-borne diseases. And those who are supposed to keep people safe from population are just duping the world.

The create fake performance reports and run most of the organizations on papers. Or they just do formalities to control pollution and on ground nothing is done.

They hapless lot that is unfortunately leadership of poor world doesn’t know one bitterest reality. If they keep ignoring the environment just to please the polluters one day they and their kids would also suffer from polluted environment.

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