Is Green Living Expensive? Or it’s a myth?

Those who don’t know or don’t want to know about it may ask; is green living expensive.

Or those who still have doubts about it may be taking it as an expensive option. But actually it is absolutely wrong to think like that.

Green living means saving money

You can save a lot of money by going green. You don’t have to compromise on your happiness. Nor you have to abandon any kind of comfort. You simply have to think just one question before doing any work. That is: if I will hit environment by doing this. How simple it is to go green. Isn’t it?

Know the meaning of green living

What you need to know is the real meaning of green living. It means to live without hitting your environment. It requires a little attention to know how one can hit environment.

is green living expensive

Our natural resources are limited. So if we waste them it means we are hitting our environment.

Our air, water and land environment is already degrading. So doing anything that degrades it more means you are hitting your environment.

How we hit our environment?

It means if you waste water, food you are actually hitting your environment. You may say you buy the food and water so it is your liberty to consume it or waste it. You buy them to get it from its seller but it was actually made from our natural resources.

Water was taken from any river, lake or canal and then purified for drinking purpose. Food was cooked with vegetables, pulses or meat so it is also actually made with natural resources of agriculture and livestock.

So wasting your food or water means you are actually wasting the precious natural resources that are fixed in quantity. Once depleted, they can’t be reproduced in same amount. Their consumption is higher than their production as we have limited land on earth. We can’t grow vegetables in vacuum or breed animals without their parents.

Consumption does generate waste

Also if we go wild in consumption so we would generate more waste. We would buy more items packed in different material of paper and plastic. So after using these items we would throw their packaging.

The more consumption of these items means more generation of waste of packaging that’s mostly of plastic. It would ultimately add burden on land environment. Plastic material would hit the natural feature of land. Ultimately our soil would lose fertility. Ultimately it will grow less crop and we would face shortage of food.

Environmental care first

In short our every act should help our environment be safe from all types of pollution. Either we eat, sleep, live, travel or enjoy we must take care of our surrounding environment. Else our every product and services would go costly and spending our life would become quite expensive.

Do you still wonder; is green living expensive

So green living is better than living a conventional life quite expensively. If we don’t adopt it we may don’t have many resources in future to meet our needs. By adopting a green living it would help us save a lot of money now and a safe environment for our future generations.

It is wise to clear our concept and must know that green living is not expensive in any way. Nor it deprives you of any kind of happiness. It simply asks you take care of your environment and people around you while spending your life. How easy it is.

Do you still have any doubt that green living might fatten your monthly bills? Do share your concerns in comments section below.

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