Why we must promote biofuels to combat food and water shortages?

Which thing is produced in largest quantity in this world?

Yes you are right. Energy is produced in largest quantity. It is used as electricity to lighten the homes and offices and as a fuel to run the machines and vehicles.

Biggest harm of conventional energy

Huge amount of energy is produced by burning of fossil fuels including oil, gas and coal. But burning of fossil fuel creates air pollution in huge quantity. It fatally hits our air quality. Ultimately we the inhaler of air for our breathing suffers a lot.


Wherever this bad quality or polluted air moves in our body it affects that part of our body. We store air in our lungs to exhale it after awhile. That is why our lungs are worst affected by it.

In extreme cases people suffer from lungs cancer also, especially those who live under direct contact of polluted air for a longer period of time daily. Air pollution is one of the biggest reasons of unnatural causes of deaths in this whole world.

Another biggest harm of conventional energy

Burning of fossil fuel not only creates air pollution but eventually it also causes climate change. As a result this world faces abnormal weather trends and our ecosystem can’t adjust with its erratic changes. As a result nature also reacts abnormally and our soil which can make huge agriculture production in normal weather produces less in erratic weather. We suffer from food shortage. Our glaciers melt because of persistent heat and we face water shortage.

Scarcity of food and water – the end result

So the end result of climate change is two shortages of most essential things to survive; water and food. Now you can imagine what are the effects of climate change.

So to keep our world safe from the harms of air pollution and climate change we need to burn fossil fuel lesser. Obviously we can’t cut energy demand from this world because we must need it to lighten our homes, offices, to run machines and vehicles.

So we need to explore alternative ways to produce energy. The energy that is produced from alternative and harmless sources is called green energy.

What are biofuels?

Biofuels are also one of the types of green energy. They are liquid fuels derived from waste plants and animal matter.

Types of biofuels

There are two types of biofuels.

  • Bioethanol: It is used as replacement for gasoline.
  • Biodiesel: It is used as replacement for diesel.

The usage of biofuel to produce green energy is rising everywhere around the world and it is replacing the conventional and harmful method of producing black energy.

But its pace of growth is still slow and is far away to fully replace the usage of conventional energy. Its main reason is lack of awareness in masses and reluctance of businesses to start venturing it as their new business. They are still not sure will it work in future or will be a hi-fi idea only.

Apart from promoting other sources of green energy including solar, wind and thermal it is necessary to promote biofuel as green energy to save our environment from further degradation.

Governments all over the world should support biofuel industry by offer it more relief. Consumers should be made aware that biofuel is not lesser than other types of fuels in terms of quality and effectiveness both.

Together we can act better to promote alternative energy sources to make people switch to them so that demand of conventional energy can be brought down by offering people its best alternative. Else it will be generated with same amount causing more air pollution and climate change. As a result our coming generation would be suffering just because of our inaction to promote alternative energy in the market.

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