How to convince religious leaders to ask their followers go green also?

People follow different religions all over the world. To rightfully follow the teachings of their religion they need guidance. They do have religious books. But they want a mentor who helps them understand their religious teachings easily. For that purpose religious leaders play an important role in every society.

What religious leaders do?

Unfortunately religious leaders become rigid while preaching. They remain bookish and don’t modify the religious teachings according to present times. They ask people follow their religious teachings without looking here and there.

religious leaders

They overlook the requirements of present time. They don’t give importance to technology. Nor they ready to accept that now way of living can’t be similar to that of ancient times. So they just preach for the sake of preaching.

What followers of a religion do?

Their followers also think it is sufficient to rigidly act upon what they are taught by their mentors. They receive great satisfaction after doing religious rituals and following the basic divine orders. They also don’t realize now they have to do a lot more to make this world a happier place to live.

In addition to ignoring so many other realities of life they also overlook the significance of going green. They think just adopting a simple life according to their religion is sufficient. They don’t know no religion of the world is against going green. That is why they just pray, do a few good deeds and be free from their responsibility.

Power of religious leaders

It is also a fact that in every society religious leaders have very powerful position. People don’t disagree with them as it is widely believed they interpret divine teachings to help people become true follower of their religion. So the best way to convince large number of people go green is to convince their religious leaders ask their followers go green.

How to convey green message to clerics?

Environmentalists and environmental activists should build good relationship with religious leaders. First let them know how environment is being degraded all over the world. They should also be informed how with a little care people can go green without violating any of their religious teachings.

It is not necessary all of them would be convinced of environmental message. Maybe a few of them say that their own religion does have all the go green teachings and its followers are already environment friendly. But many other would listen to the message of environment and be ready to ask their followers go green as well in addition to following their religious teachings.

Who to do this task?

So if you are an NGO, green lover or an environmentalist build good relations with religious leaders around you. First listen the message of their religion and do appreciate it. Then convince them each religion equally stands for a safe and healthy environment. They should just tell the people that their a little care for their environment could make them more true believer of their religion.

It will not happen at once. In the beginning most of clerics would say they know how environment is being degraded. But once you first explain the message of environment with all its details then surely they would ready to put it into their religious sermons as and where it has a space.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think it will work to make more and more people go green? Or it’s just a flight of fancy. If you don’t agree with it do share some other unique ideas to make me research on it and share with you its details.

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