How to control air pollution in Moscow?

When people talk about air pollution in Moscow they simply say its level is not as alarming as in China or India.

It is right indeed. But we can’t compare a former super power for anything with two countries where poverty and backward is known to all.

Air pollution in Russia is rising day by day just because it has yet to come up with any clear cut plan to control it at its source.

Main sources of air pollution in Moscow

Controlling air pollution at source means to regulate the two main sources of air pollution.

One is silencer of the vehicle and other one is chimney of the factory.

air pollution in Moscow
Rise in personal transport

Since the fall of USSR the standard of living in Russia has been improving. People are now preferring to use personal transport instead of public transport just to show how financially well off they are.

For standard of living index it could be good. But for environment it is quite harmful.

Shifting of commuters from public transport to personal transport would increase the burning of fossil fuel. Ultimately it would raise air pollution in Moscow further.

Industrial pollution control

To regulate the second source of air pollution in Moscow still old system is being used to control factory pollution.

As a result industrial emissions are causing huge rise in air pollution affecting health of people.

According to a conservative estimate every year 5000 people die in Moscow due to air pollution. This number is higher than the number of deaths due to road accidents over there.

At the time when Russian was USSR it industrialized its economy without following the standards of sustainability.

Now it is Russia but yet to regulate its industries that still try to work at the optimal capacity without following environmental standards.

When Russian economy was following the model of socialism use of public transport was appreciated by all.

But now following a few parameters of capitalism it does have capitalistic psyche that stands for more and more luxuries without caring about environment.

So rise in number of personal transport is the outcome of shifting of Russian economy to capitalistic model.

Public awareness in Russia

Level of public awareness is also not up to the mark in Russia.

People come to know about any harm by facing it or someone makes them aware before they face it.

No any well planned public awareness model works in any city of Russia to tell people harms of using personal transport despite having public transport.

So obviously they would switch to public transport once they face the brunt of using personal transport.

It would happen after a long time once number of personal cars would reach to its saturation level. Then it will not be possible to smoothly ply vehicles on roads and traffic jams would become daily routine.

The environmental authorities of Moscow should launch a massive awareness drive to convince people keep using public transport.

Their civic authorities should also improve public transport to offer best services to commuters.

So they do not think to buy their own car despite having a sound public transport system.

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