Connecting people to nature for a safer world

Concern is rising up and up. People are worried why they don’t have a peace of mind. They are confused that despite having every comfort in life they don’t have mental peace.

They are consuming whatever they can to meet their unlimited desires. But after meeting every desire they still feel something more is required to be happy.

They enjoy a lot but just after that they again feel sad or full of anxiety. Their pleasures are limited and worries are unlimited.

They actually wrongly believe consumerism is the main source of their pleasure. They eat, drink, party, and travel just to seek happiness. But ultimately they get back to their normal gloomy state of mind.

connecting people to natureThey actually are running after machines to get pleasure. They watch TV that is far away from real life. They listen to rock music that can never bring peace of mind and instead disturbs it. They use Iphones and perform every task fast but are unable to be happy as much as they want.

Have you ever heard from any old timer he also had the same problems which people have now. You would find every old timer in nostalgia. He misses the past glorious days of life full of joy and happiness.

It was the time when people had a lot of time to share sorrows and happiness with each other. They had pure food and clean water and nothing like pollution had made their life hell. So enjoying from every moment of life was so obvious at that time.

It means the technological advancement without taking care of environment can never make people happy. It instead hits the nature that is the source of eternal peace of mind and happiness.

Many kids in the world I am damn sure would never see live trees. They just see their pictures or in TV and movies. Many kids don’t know what is the natural way of living. Their life is full of machines. From the time they get up to the time they go to bed they are hostage to machines.

A person with a mechanic life cannot have natural feeling of happiness because no machine has anything to do with it.

Connecting people to nature

So to make this world a happy place to live we have to make people believe the benefits of natural way of living. We can do this in two ways. One is hard way and the other one is easy way.

The hard way means to convince people that if they adopt natural way of living they would be happier than they are now. For that we have to do regular canvassing and try to show them every evidence that can prove how good it is to be closer to nature.

The easy way means to take people around us close to nature. To connect them to every natural phenomena. This can be done by arranging picnic with family members, colleagues or neighbors to any natural resort. Take the whole family to a nearby park frequently. They would feel a big change in them once they are connected to nature.

So connecting people to nature means whenever we get a chance we should get them closer to nature. Their frequent interaction with natural sites and places would convince them that it is the natural way of living that can get them eternal happiness and peace of mind. Machines can serve our needs if we use them moderately else fully relying on them will make our life a hell.

What is your take? Do you think connecting people to nature is not the solution and something else is to be done to make this world a happier place to live? I would love to hear your thoughts in comments section below.

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