4 easy tips to improve the efficiency of your solar panel

It is usually assumed that once you installed a solar panel and made it functional you would be getting from it uninterrupted required amount of power supply.

It is a misconception because solar technology is also just like other types of technology. It also requires its proper maintenance to bring it to its optimal efficiency level.

Usually efficiency of a solar panel is measured by the number of kWh (kilowatt-hours) of energy produced an “average” 150 watt solar panel of one square meter in size.

Generally the average solar cell efficiency is considered to be between 15%-25%. It depends upon cost factor that how much efficient your solar panel is. Obviously higher the investment, higher the returns.

efficiency of your solar panel
How to improve the efficiency of your solar panel?

But apart from capital cost a few things could also improve its efficiency. These are four factors and you must know them to get optimal efficiency of your solar panel.

1. Amount of sunlight

The intensity of sunlight and its consistency counts a lot to produce more energy in lesser time and with a small size panel.

In sunny regions where hours of day are more than those of night usually a solar panel works at its optimal level.

While in regions with cloudy weather huge efforts are done to get the maximum results. Obviously it is not under your control but while going solar you should keep it in your mind to get your desired results.

2. Angling

Sun is not static as you know it very well. Its direction keep changing whole day. So your solar panel should also keep moving with its movement to get its direct sunlight.

Solar tracker is available in the market that keeps your panel moving to get more and more sunlight. It is a little costlier but to get higher level of efficiency it’s not a costly deal.

3. Placement

It must be placed in fully open area. No any shade of tree, wall or any other cover. Else in morning or in evening it will not get full sunlight when sun is in cross-direction to earth.

So be sure while installing the solar panel that it will get same level of sunlight all the daylong with the help of tracker.

4. Cleanliness

The top of solar panel should be dust-free to absorb as much sunlight as possible. So it should be accessible to you so that you can clean it regularly. Else thick layer of dust will not let it work on its maximum efficiency.

So these are the four important factors that count a lot to get maximum output from your solar panel. Cost factor does count equally a lot but a little attention can also make you get maximum results.

Do you follow the above four tips or will now follow them. Also how much energy of your total energy needs you get from solar system? Share your views in comments section below.

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