What is a Freeganism and why you must become a freegan?

Freeganism is opposite of consumerism. The one who follows it, is called freegan. If you recall people of the era of your forefathers they were freegans.

How was their way of living? They used to eat home-cooked food. They used to seek pleasure by helping each other. Their whole life was natural of way living.

Havocs of machine

But now thanks to every kind of machine that made life so fast. Now people have more to do in lesser time. They have to work more to earn more and then enjoy more.

Now sources of enjoyment have mechanized. Luxuries have replaced the real happiness. Now people are unable to derive real happiness from luxuries. So they are consuming more and more just hoping to get a little happiness from it.

freeganismEffects of fast economic growth

A few decades ago fast economic growth everywhere raised the standard of living. Earlier public transport was a convenience now it’s for those who can’t afford to buy their personal car. It means now personal transport replaced the public transport.

As a result fuel is being burnt more. Its positive side is demand of fuel skyrocketed massively. So the oil and gas sector made phenomenal growth and millions of people associated themselves with it just to earn more profit. More profits means rise in number of rich people so they resorted to consume more to be happy more.

More cars mean more climate change

But on negative side rise in fuel demand depleted the reserves of fossil fuel that has fixed amount we have in earth. As a result now we have lesser stock of fossil fuel to meet our future energy demand.

The rise in usages of fuel also created air pollution. It ultimately caused climate change that hit our agriculture production. Fall in agriculture production means rise in prices of food products.

As a result it became costlier to enjoy good food. As a result race to become rich intensified. People adopted every way and mean to become rich.

More rich means costlier way of living

Overall it became must to earn more and more to make your life comfortable. Products of comforts diversified widely and in every moment of life you can have one of them. So it became costlier to spend a comfortable life.

But what price people have to pay for it. First their life does not remain natural. So they are unable to derive as much happiness from their life as their forefathers used to get.

Consumerism makes people broke

Also rising level of consumerism wasted their money a lot. Earlier a few dollars were sufficient to enjoy one time meal. Now you need tens of dollars to buy meal from a branded food franchised.

Also fast food, pop music and branded shirts give you pleasure for a while and then you feel sad because your life revolves around so many artificial things.

You are quite away from nature that is the real source of a happy life. How long you never have been in an environment full of nature. Tell me very truly.

Freeganism is the best policy

Realizing all the hidden curses of consumerism people everywhere around the world tried to get back to as much natural living as possible.

Obviously now you can’t move from your home to office on bicycle but at least you can use public transport.

It is not easy to avoid enjoying fast food but at least you can reduce your trips to such restaurants and try to enjoy parties at home.

So with these thoughts in mind many people in every country are trying to adopt a simple way of living where they generate least waste while spending their life.

The best way is to waste the least

The best way to generate least amount of waste is first avoiding generating waste by using every product to its full life. If there is no damage to your shirt you can use it for more time and don’t throw it away just because it is looking old. Or you can use it for another purpose at home by reusing it.

To avoid food waste is also must. If you leave food in your plate that will obviously be thrown in a dustbin. It means you are stealing the share of those who can’t afford to buy their food.

So make it your habit to put food in your plate as much as you can eat and rest of it store in your fridge or dole it out to any need person.

In short make your habit to use very thing fully to its service life and even after that try to reuse it. This is called freeganism and for avoiding waste generation in this world you must become a freegan from now.


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