How to plant a tree that must grow fully?

In monsoon season trees are planted everywhere. People who know the benefits of tree do try to plant as much as they can. Those unlucky guys who don’t have any concept of trees’ importance just look at others planting or even damn care what is going on.

All over the world campaigns are launched in monsoon season by non-governmental organizations and government departments to plant more and more trees.

In advance countries where communities are quite aware such campaigns get extra ordinary response.

how to plant a treeWhile in developing and backward countries a lot of efforts are made to motivate communities to plant trees and mitigate effects of air pollution that ultimately lead to climate change.

Unaware communities don’t participate in plantation campaigns and if there is any space in their house they prefer to plant there only.

They also are mad to plant fruit trees just because of its economic benefits. While community-planting has become the responsibility of government alone.

That is why many unaware groups shamelessly say that tree plantation is the responsibility of Forest Department only. While rest of the organizations just do their job and do nothing to protect the environment by planting trees.

Also those who take part in such campaigns mostly plant trees just as formality. They wrongly believe that plants’ care is the job of a gardener. Or they say they don’t know how to plant a tree and avoid doing it themselves.

It is an established fact through all the researches that each person needs at least seven trees to breathe oxygen in his whole life. If he doesn’t plant seven trees so he gets oxygen from the trees planted by others.

So each one of us must plant at least seven saplings in his life and grow them into full trees.

How to plant a tree?

As far as the skill of planting is concerned it is not a rocker science. You can do this easily. Just a few tips you need to know:

  • Plant indigenous trees else foreign species will not grow in your area and may also affect the eco-balance if they are planted in big number.
  • Don’t think that anyone would water them. Do water yourself or assign someone to water it regularly
  • If planted at a public place then never over-expect that no one would hit it. If area is not so developed try to build an iron or wooden fence around it till it grows a little stronger.
  • When you make a dug to put the sapling into it never fill it back with the same soil. In nurseries special soils mixed with manure are available buy it and put into dug to keep it growing.
  • Also keep a distance of 5 to 7 feet between two planted saplings and also check the place where you are planting does not have any underground pipeline or wiring.

By following these tips you can easily plant and grow trees yourself and will not complain of their spoiling by someone or due to no proper care.

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