Do You Know Why Indoor Air Quality Is Equally Important?

Everyone knows why air quality is important for our health and environment both. When we say air quality it means the quality of the air of our whole environment.

If air quality is not good it impacts our environment. It actually contaminates our air environment. As a result we inhale polluted air.

So suffering from various diseases including asthma, bronchitis, lungs infection, eye-irritation and ENT problems is obvious. That is why efforts are taken to control air quality.

People are asked to use eco-friendly cars that emit less smoke and least contaminates the air.

Public transport is taken better than personal one so that lesser vehicles run on roads and less smoke could be emitted.

indoor air qualityFactories are restricted to keep their air emissions within limit by installing stack on chimney of their plant. If a factory emits more smoke it is penalized and could also be sealed if it does not stop polluting.

This is all about controlling air quality of outdoor environment. This is the environment of cities, towns, villages and open spaces. What about air quality of your home, office, business place or factory.

Why indoor air quality is equally important?

Have you ever thought how much time of your one day you spend in outdoor environment? We spend most of our time when we travel.

While rest of the time we spend in an indoor environment be it or our home, office, workplace or educational institution.

In a rough estimate we spend nearly 2 hours of whole day in outdoor environment if we don’t do any field job. While rest of the 22 hours we spend in indoor environment.

Percentage wise we spend 8 percent of whole day in outdoor while rest of the 92 per cent in indoor environment.

If we calculate it for our average age of sixty years we spend almost 55 years in indoor environment while just five years in outdoor.

It means if we don’t take care of our indoor environment it could affect our health more than outdoor environment. If indoor air quality is not free from indoor pollution it could directly hit our health.

We will suffer from respiratory diseases like asthma or lungs problems and many more if we keep inhaling poor quality air in homes and offices.

How to control indoor air quality?

So we must know that indoor air quality is equally important as outdoor one is. We simply need to take small steps to keep our home air environment free from pollution.

Keeping as much cross ventilation as possible by installing exhaust windows, exhausts fans to get the air moving from home to get fresh air

To fix the exhaust of kitchen in a direction to release all its emissions outside home directly and without letting it deep into home

Using high quality air-freshening, cleaning and insect killing products and try to use as many natural products as possible

Declaring the entire home as no smoking zone and reserving a small space in office and business place for smoking if a few people there can’t stay without smoking

Adopting every method and trick that keeps our indoor air quality good but by first testing its authenticity.

The above steps do not require any investment or your time. By taking small steps you can keep your indoor air quality good for your health.

So you need not to spend 92 per cent of your life in poor air environment and stay healthy to face outdoor environment if it has some pollution.

I hope you will share this post on social media to let more and more people know why indoor air quality is equally important for your health and our environment both.

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