3 most practical ways to recycle electronics items of your home

It is an old saying that nothing is worthless in this world. Its proof is a Gul Bahao project in Karachi Pakistan that says trash is gold.

Yes trash is gold indeed. Just a little awareness is required on how to convert any kind of trash into gold. Those who don’t know how worthwhile everything is they sometimes convert gold into trash.

While those who know to make the best of everything they never run short of anything. Actually they use everything to its optimal service life.

You don’t want to throw all that you can reuse for another purpose. For example you make bread crumbs of dried bread. You fry the leftover curry of last night to add one more dish in your breakfast menu.

It means where you know how to reuse one used item you do it while where you don’t know you just throw it.

It is right that the only solution of fully used thing is to throw it. But here again a little awareness is required to know how to throw each used item safely.

ways to recycle electronic items

Here safely means from your health point of view and from environmental point of view as well.

You throw away garbage that generates daily from home to a dustbin lying in your courtyard to deliver it to waste collector or civic agency. But what about that garbage that generates not daily but rarely.

For example you get repair many huge household items to keep using them for some years more. But eventually you have to throw away everything of your home once it completes its service life.

In this post I will tell you how to safely dispose of your electronic items. These are:

  • Television
  • Refrigerator
  • Air conditioner
  • Microwave oven
  • Electric geezer
  • Toaster
  • Grinder/blender/mincer
  • Computer
  • Laptop
  • Cell Phone
  • Washing machine etc

Three most practical ways to recycle electronics items

There are three ways to recycle electronic items. In advance countries every kind of thing could be recycled but in developing countries like India and Pakistan you can’t do it easily. In poor countries there is still no concept of recycling on commercial basis.

But thanks to second hand market that there are so many non-registered recycler in most of the big cities of poor countries. They buy used items and then make them reusable by replacing a few of their fully used parts.

Gift them

In less developed countries no one has all financially-well-off relatives. A few of so rich, a few middle class and a few even quite poor.

So the best way is to gif any costly used electronic item to your poor relatives if you feel it is going to be trash after sometime. I don’t mean gift your trash to your poor relatives. Just give it to them before it gets completely out of order.

They will repair it to make it reusable for another few years. In poor localities mechanics of such item are easily found to make any electronic item reusable for another a few years.

Donate them

In many less developed countries charity organizations get used costly items from rich and distribute them to poor on very low rates.

They first get such items repaired and then sell to poor with the purpose of serving and not make money by selling.

Barter them

In cities and towns of backward countries there are still hawkers that replace the costly used things with new or slightly used other things.

In our street a hawker offers to replace any electronic item with moderate quality kitchen utensils. So have a look if any offer available around you for environmentally safe disposal of your used electronic items.

So these are the three ways to recycle electronic items. If you throw away such items like a solid waste into your dustbin obviously waste collector will take it away.

It is likely he will dump it into a landfill site where it will never be decomposed like ordinary garbage. It does have heavy metals and will affect the natural feature of soil.

Also it has harmful contents inside it that may hit those that come into its direct contact. So for the safe disposal, try above three ways if you are from a poor country.

If you are from a rich country there will be a few recycling companies that collect your used electronic items from your home. They may also pay you its price if it could easily be recycled. Else they will offer free service to collect it free of cost to dispose it with an environmentally safe method.

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