7 lame excuses that stop you from going green

Going green is not a bad idea. Everyone appreciates it. But why most of the people avoid going green. People do know it’s a matter of now or never. Many people talks for hours in favor of it. But despite that very few people have green way of living.

Its answer is so simple. They have a lot of lame excuses that stop them from going green. They actually want to travel in both boats.

They want to spend a comfortable life without caring much about environment. Also they don’t want to be called environmentally unaware. So they talk much about environment and do almost none about it.

going green
7 excuses that stop you from going green

I have observed the following are seven main lame excuses that stop most of the people from going green.

1. Why me alone

Looking at others is the habit of people. Whenever they have to do something they just say why they alone? So they don’t do anything hoping everything would be fine itself.

Environmental degradation will not stop itself. We have to wake up, stand up and act against every enemy of environment. Be it our habits, others actions or violations of environment. We have to stand against every action that may harm our environment

2. It’s a rocket science

People have a lot of misconceptions about green living. They think they have to quit every comfort of their life to become environment friendly. They have to eat vegetables without spices and oil. They have to walk on feet or ride bicycle and to calculate daily what they have consumed daily.

It’s absolutely wrong. Nature means balance. Everything is in balance in nature. If there is desert, it does have a lot of sweet water. If there is scorching sun, it does have cool shade as well.

Green living means spending your life in balance. You can do whatever you want to do but without wasting resources and without harming our environment.

3. Have already many problems

It is also a misconception that if someone is already facing a lot of problem how he can go green and take another responsibility.

Going green is not a responsibility. It’s a fun. You can enjoy more with green way of living. That enjoyment would be eternal.

Also your most of the problems are because of your not adopting a simple living. If you suffer from a disease it is because of not adopting a healthy lifestyle. If you are poor that means you spend more than your income. This is also because of your consumerism.

4. It’s a duty of government

People say if no product against environment will be available how they will buy it. Yes, it is right but it is not possible to completely alter our products market. It is not a one day job.

Also if government would do everything what is the use of society? It is the society that helps government do well.

So being community member it is your duty to go green and make others adopt green living. If no one would demand anything that may hit environment, how someone would produce or try to sell such products.

5. What are immediate benefits?

Man makes haste to get results. Most of the benefits of green lifestyle do not appear instantly. So people say what they would get right now if they become environment friendly.

Going green is a way of living not a one-time buying that gives you immediate benefit. After a short time you would get in return so huge benefits that have no alternative.

6. I want to enjoy more

It’s also a wrong concept about green way of living. People think they have to stop doing everything that gives pleasure to them.

You are allowed to do everything but with care. You can eat, drink, party and do anything you want but while taking care of others around you.

7. Others would laugh at me

Most of the people talk much about environment but their lifestyle is not according to their words. They are in huge majority.

So those who want to become environmental friendly are also afraid of being ridiculed by others. In western societies it is so common to ridicule those who do something against conventions.

If you follow what others are doing ultimately you would also face the same end they are facing. People are suffering from a lot of diseases. They have financial problems. They have disturbed family life. So why you are afraid of people who are not worth following for you.

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