Basics Of Auto Recycling And Pollution Load

You can’t throw your fully used or out-of-order car like garbage. It is not only environmentally bad but also it is not allowed anywhere in the world to dump your used car anywhere you want.

Even if you want to throw it as scrap you have to send it to any designated place where it is allowed to throw it.

It is very rare you use a car to the full limit of its service life. The day your car creates any problem for you off and on you decide to either sell it to one who wants to buy a used car or you want to sell it to an auto recycling company.

basics of auto recyclingBasics of auto recycling

People wrongly assumed that auto recycling companies recycle the entire out-of-order cars to make them new. They actually don’t know the basics of auto recycling. No recycling company has that much efficiency level. They actually segregate them into three categories.

Category one

Under first category they picked those used cars which could be repaired easily and can be made quite well for those who can’t buy brand new cars. So they buy these second hand cars at lower price.

Category two

Under second category recycling companies pick those cars which can be exported to poor countries where people don’t object to use very old cars.

Also in poor countries fitness certificate is issued to quite old cars that simply can run on roads without any danger.

Category three

Under third and last category recyclers pick those cars that are in very bad conditions. So they remove their parts that are not in much bad conditions.

Then they repair those slightly bad parts and sell them in used spare parts market. While those parts that are not to be made again for use they simply sell such parts as scrap.

Why auto recycling matters a lot?

If your used car is not much used and could be made quite good with a little repair or renovation it is better to keep it for yourself as it will benefit the environment.

If you sell it to any recycler and buy a new car it means addition of one more car on roads. That means more emissions in our world and that will lead to more air pollution load on our planet earth.

Some poor countries allow import of used cars. While some other countries don’t. Such countries actually support car manufacturers to let them sell new cars in their markets.

Promote auto recycling everywhere

Being environment lovers we should discourage making of more and more new cars. Our objective should be to contain manufacturing of more cars and promote auto recycling industry everywhere around the world. This is the basics of recycling.

It all depends upon auto policy of the countries of the world to avoid arrival of more cars on roads by promoting auto recycling beyond borders.

Else one day everyone would have his personal transport and public transport would be no more in our world. It means all who commute would use their own transport and vehicular emission could rise hundreds times in such scenario.

So the best way is to use your car as long as you don’t face any problem with it. This you can do if you do its repair and maintenance regularly. Even if you want to replace your old car with the new one try to sell it to any auto recycling company that segregate the used cars and create minimum car waste to avoid pollution load.

Do you have auto recycling industry in your country? How is its business and what you suggest to promote it more? Share your views in comments section below.

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