Can You Live Without a Cell Phone?

Yes you can live without a cell phone. You can spend a happy life with it. You simply need to organize yourself and become a good time manager.

Why people use cell phone?

To stay connected with others you have to use it. It means earlier before it was invented people were disconnected with each other.

I am sorry they were connected stronger than now. They were not formally connected but with their heart and mind.

cell phoneThe real need of cell phone

The need of cell phone is the real need of those who want to stay connected while in field. If they have to go outside they have to be in contact with those who want something to know about them.

In business world bosses want their field workers could be contacted any time to know their progress. Those who have to travel a lot also have to be available on phone while moving everywhere. This was the main need of cell phone.

Why everyone is using cell phone?

Unfortunately its need was misinterpreted and people started using it beyond a convenience. They made it a comfort.

They actually don’t want to let people know where they are. So the best way to hide where they are is to use cell phone and be away from landline phone.

If we see the documented history of this world it is of 2100 years. Cell phone is in for the last 50 years. Earlier for the 2050 years people didn’t have cell phone and they were quite happy. They also did progress a lot. It means without a cell phone one can spend life as much good as with it.

Addiction of cell phones

People actually have made their habit to use a mobile phone that actually means to be with those who remain mobile in their job or business. But people who never go out of their office have made their habit to be with it all the time.

Diversity made it an addiction

Cell phone companies also fully exploited the reliance of people on it. So they diversified its functions. Now making a call is just its minor function while rest of the functions have made people its addicted. Companies have put in it all functions of computer and one can use it to do anything that he was doing earlier on laptop or tab.

Size does matter

But to do the serious nature of work one has to use a computer or laptop. You can’t create a lengthy presentation on your smart phone. Nor you can write in detail on it. You can just check your mails and surf and browse on it. Or you can do a little interaction on social media with it.

It means cell phone is mostly used to pass the time if someone has to check a lot of emails and do internet work while moving. People working indoor jobs just waste their time using it. You can’t do any productive work on it as efficiently as you can do on your laptop of computer.

I am writing this post on laptop. If I had written this on cell phone I would have needed time three times more than I spent on my laptop. So a cell phone needs more time to do any kind of work.

In short if you really need to have a cell phone while working or spending your life you should use it. Else you can spend your life quite happily and successfully if you don’t need it and be connected on your landline phone.

Environmental hazards of a cell phone

Apart from wasting our time and making us reliant on it to do everything without moving anywhere, its environmental hazards are equally alarming for us.

  • It emits radioactive rays that are quite harmful for our health and environment both.
  • Its battery is charged with electricity so it boosts the use of power that needs a lot of fossil fuel to be generated.
  • Used cell phones if not recycled could be hazardous waste if not disposed of properly.

In short its environmental harms other than wasting our time and money are also sufficient to convince us to use it at the time of any urgency. We must not let it become part of our living nor should get to be its addicted.

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