Preventing Air Pollution: Small Changes Make Big Differences

Preventing air pollution is must because number of deaths due to this menace is rising fast all around the world.

It is estimated that nearly 5 million to 10 million people die every year all around the world owing to various diseases that actually are the outcome of the air pollution in addition to many other factors.

I have discussed the various diseases caused by pollution in my post 45 diseases caused by pollution.

As far as its lethal effects are concerned you would be surprised to know its top 3 unnoted effects.

preventing air pollutionIs preventing air pollution easy?

With whomever you talk about preventing air pollution and you would receive a lengthy sermon of dos and dons to avoid polluting air.

Being an individual you can’t divert your all attention just to control your carbon footprint. If you do this you won’t be able to do your daily essential chores.

So the best way is to bring small changes in your life that could help preventing air pollution. Also try these 42 cool ways to control air pollution.

You can’t change everything in days, months or even in years. A change occurs by and by with your consistent efforts. For this you simply have to keep improving air quality around you. Also keep planting trees to fight the menace of air contamination.

Don’t worry you need not to do any rocket science to make your air environment pollution-free. Just a little attention can do a lot to let you breathe clean air and stay happy. You can also try this stylish way to stay safe from the effects of air pollution.

You must also know what are the various causes of air pollution you can prevent by not taking much effort.

What you do daily?

What are your most essential daily chores? The chores you can’t avoid. First of all is your natural needs of both eating and excreting the waste after digesting your food.

Second one is your struggle to spend a happy life. It could be doing job, business or achieving education.

Last one is enjoying. Obviously after doing a lot of work you need to relax. So it is your right to enjoy the way you want.

What you consume most daily?

What is the thing you consume most daily. It is not food nor is it water or snacks or anything like this you are thinking right now.

It is energy that we use 24/7. We use electricity to make our home and workplace or educational institution airy, lightened and cool. We use fuel to travel be it our personal car or public transport.

The best way for preventing air pollution

It means during every minute of our life we consume energy. So the best way for preventing air pollution is conserving energy as much as we can at our personal level.

Make it your habit to conserve energy at every minute of your life. Either you are dining, studying, working or sleeping consume energy very carefully by saving it as much as possible.

From the time you get up to the moments you go to bed just check how you consume energy. If you use it without any care just put the element of care in your each action.

No need to remember a lengthy list of dos and dons. Just one point keep in mind everywhere. If you don’t save energy so it will be produced more in amount and ultimately will cause air pollution. We all know energy is generated by burning fossil fuel and it directly hits our air environment.

Secondly use as lesser your personal transport or public transport as you can. Cover short distances by feet and try to do more and more outdoor chores by travelling once to the market.

I could have mentioned here a lengthy list of dos and dons for preventing air pollution. But who cares such lengthy list in this fast age of technology where everyone has already has a lot to do to make his life less worried.

So the best way is you decide how in every moment of your life you can conserve as much energy as you can to avoid creating air pollution ultimately.

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