Will Climate Change Not Affect Everyone Equally?

It is widely declared as a brutal injustice that those who are causing climate change are not its worst victims. While those that are not contributing much to escalate it, are suffering most from its worst effects.

For example a least developed country like Pakistan or Bangladesh is not emitting as much smoke to air environment as a developed country has already done so.

Advanced nations have all the precautionary measures to stay safe from the harms of air pollution. Also they have their own emergency response system to counter the adverse effects of climate change. So they are not suffering from it as badly as a poor country does.

On the other hand a poor country despite emitting lesser smoke comparatively is the big hit of climate calamity. Be it a natural disaster or low agriculture produce a poor country is facing its brunt and has nothing to ward off its disastrous effects.

Will all be affected by climate change equally?

Having said this it seems true that all will not be affected by climate change equally. But it is not true. What we are seeing right now as an effect of fast changing climate climate change effectsis the immediate effect. Its long term impacts will be more disastrous. It will shroud the whole world and all countries will be facing its impacts sooner or later equally.

What are the immediate effects of climate change?

Our climate does not change in days or in months or even in years. It takes long time to reach to its present level. Now global temperature is not ready to stop and is adamantly rising day by day. We are watching its impact on everything.

Now there is no certainty about weather. A cyclone comes into being all of a sudden and sweeps the coastal belt of a whole region just because of uneven weather trends.

In the same fashion rains don’t have set patterns; that’s why no one can plan to conserve rain water because of no estimate on how much water it will add on earth. So inability of man makes it difficult for him to exploit rain for conserving water in scarcity-hit areas to grow crops.

Shortage of food is the biggest effect of climate change

Hotter climate is containing the fertility of land as well. Now crops are not growing as profusely as these used to be a few decades ago. As a result low agriculture produce creates shortage of raw material in food sector.

Demand of food is inelastic

Everyone knows food is the basic necessity and its demand is inelastic. If you don’t have food you can’t satisfy your hunger by watching a movie. Whatever price you have to pay you will pay to buy a piece of bread for your physical survival. As a result you will pay lesser amount to comforts and luxuries just because you had to pay higher amount for your basic necessity of food.

Impact of food scarcity on our world

What would be its ultimate impact on this world? Standard of living will not improve much. People will live almost like animals just to meet their physical needs. They will not have much money to enjoy life and will not become much civilized.

Consistent shortage of resources makes a person gloomy and it brings on negativity in him. It also slashes his productivity and as a result overall productivity of the world suffers a lot.

On the other hand owing to lack of food resources people get much eager to buy more in lesser amount. They try to earn more in lesser time just to meet their basic as well as higher order needs of comfort and luxuries.

Their madness for earning more and more made them like machines. They forget they are human beings first and then come their physical needs. They forget the basic lessons of humanity. Relations lose their values and every relationship revolves around money.

Materialism overpowers ethics

The whole society becomes materialistic in nature and people forget everything that brings eternal happiness.

Ultimately art and culture go away from a society that all the time thinks to meet its basic needs and get more in lesser time. This is happening right now but not as much broadly as it could be in near future if no one controls further worsening of climate change.

Control the main cause of climate change

We all know the main cause of climate change is rising amount of air emissions into our environment. If we control our carbon footprint so it will bring a big change.

It can’t happen all of a sudden. We need to change our consumption habits. We need to alter our reliance on machines to get pleasure. We need to convince that machines can never give eternal pleasure to us.

It is the only real spirit of life that makes us happier for a longer period of time. Be it a true smile of our loved one, a good company of someone special to us or a huge hug of our family member. It can make us happier than a hamburger or pizza can do. Tasty food will just end our hunger but will not spin our heart with pleasure.

How to control climate change?

So to control your carbon footprint you should just try small things daily. Eat but never waste food. Drive your car but do it when you really need to go somewhere on car. Use electricity to lighten your life but never darken others life by over-consuming energy. If you consume share of others obviously it will be generated more and emit more smoke to add air pollution.

We can do if we want

In short our little care to our environment and to people around us can do a lot to save our planet from further annihilation. Else our coming generation would just be searching a safer place to live and will never find such place on this planet.





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