Everybody Talks About Biodiversity But Are We Protecting It?

If you avoid over-speeding you actually help protect biodiversity. Did you know this? Mostly you don’t but you are doing it unintentionally. This is just one thing that you do and that too unintentionally to protect diversity of life.

What about several other actions that directly or indirectly are hitting the biodiversity? It is just because people take it so wrongly. They think it is the job of scientists to think about it and scientific teams to worry about it.

People just talk about biodiversity

After a little enlightenment on green topics now people do talk about it but mostly they express their concern why life is shrinking on earth.

They point finger on every wrong action that is hitting our habitat but never suggest what people should do to protect our planet.

Broadly people give a list of dos and dons to avoid hitting our earth and ecosystem but these are mostly theoretical suggestions.

biodiversityIf someone starting following such advice he will not be able to do his regular chores. He has to spend his whole time just to protect biodiversity.

We should talk about everything that hits the diversity of life on earth. But just talking about it will be nothing but lip service to an important issue of our planet Earth.

In addition to words our actions equally matter most. Else we would just be talking and losing the originality of our world that already has lost most of the lovely things just because of greed of man to get more in lesser time.

What is biodiversity?

It is the short form of biological diversity that means more and more kinds of life on earth. You can’t expand the variety of living organism beyond its number that was produced by nature.

So how can you shrink life on earth because you don’t have power to offset once you vanish one of the living organisms from this world.

Any type of life once vanished can never be reproduced. That is why now we see dinosaurs in movies and images else these are now remnants of the past.

Why biodiversity is important?

The earth works better if it is in its original condition. If it is altered so obviously it will lose its power to grow more. It will shrink and becomes weaker. How living beings could survive on a weaker planet. They would also become weaker and may lose their health and well being.

The main requirement to keep earth in its original form is to retain its variety. Whatever variety it has we must protect it to keep it as it was produced at the time of inception of this world. Else it will not have all the ingredients it should have to stay safe and all who live on it will suffer.

We buy things that were earlier free

It’s not a theoretical statement. We are suffering right now as we already hit it a lot. Earlier there was no concept of buying potable water to drink.

But now it’s so common to buy a water bottle to drink because free water is not drinkable.

This is just because we have polluted our water resources so much so that clean water is a rare commodity that is not available for free.

Development hit biodiversity

In a same fashion due to growth of buildings, bridges and roads the original soil has been converted into concrete flooring. What about the fate of millions of living organism that were living under the surface of that original soil. You can understand what would have happened to it.

What you can do to protect biodiversity?

So instead of just talking about biodiversity we need to bring behavioral changes in our way of living to help protect it.

Don’t worry you need not to allocate even single minute from your daily life to do this job. You simply have to change a few of your habits that you can easily do without affecting the quality of your life.

Even you would make your life healthier and more pleasant by adopting a way of living to care about diversity of life.

No chemical-based products

First of all avoid buying any cleaning or safety product that has any chemical be it more harmful or lesser. Just check on the label of each product if it has any chemical material if so then search for the one that is free from every type of chemical.

Be it washing powder, floor cleaner, germicide or insecticide; everything type of such product is easily available in the market free from chemical ingredients.

In the beginning you may face a little problem to get such products but once you become familiar with it you will easily find them within your budget.

All types of chemicals when mix into the soil directly hit the small living organisms under it and hit the biodiversity.

Avoid generating garbage

The second most important thing is to reduce, reuse and recycle. If you generate more garbage it will add load on land and most of it will mix into the soil affecting living organism inside it.

So try to avoid generating waste in your home and office by following the magical formula of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Conserve water and energy

Third easy thing is to conserve energy and water as much as you can. If you consume less energy it will help generate lesser energy and fossil fuel would be extracted lesser in amount from earth. Its exploration badly affects the life under soil. Also if you consume less water it will be available for agriculture and would increase production of more and more varieties of crops. As a result biodiversity of plants could be retained easily.

Conserve fuel

Fourth important thing is to avoid using car unnecessarily. Use public transport or adopt carpool that means avoid using car till its all seats are occupied by your family members or colleagues or friends. If you are alone in your car it means you are wasting three of its seats that could be offered to those going to nearby places of your destination.

Our a little care to our planet earth can bring a big change if we do it consistently. If half of the population of this world take care of its surrounding you can imagine how wonderful would be its results.

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