How to practice three Rs of environmentalism as a family?

The three Rs of environmentalism are: ReduceReuse and Recycle.

These three Rs are the key of sustainable development. By adopting them we can make our earth cleaner and can help in betterment of our environment.

By following these we can save our earth from being deteriorated. We should practice these 3 Rs of environmentalism as a family to save our earth. The concepts of 3Rs are explained below.

Reduce and environmentalism

To reduce the amount of waste produced by adopting various habits is the key to sustainability.

environmentalismWe should try using limited resources in the first place. The most effective way to reduce waste is to not create and to buy and use only those things which we genuinely need.

Unnecessary items should not be made as making a new product or item requires a lot of materials and energy.

To make new products, first raw materials are taken from the environment and then processed.

It leads to decline in natural resources and pollution in environment as a result of industrialization and making and transportation process.

Disposable products should be preferred.  So, to remove the use of unnecessary or extra products is a great way to help save our earth. Example is using a single cloth bag for grocery shopping instead of many plastic shopping bags.

Reuse and environmentalism

Reuse means to use items again and again to avoid excessive dumping and waste creation. We should give gently used items to others. Instead of throwing things away, we should try to find ways to use them again.

Reusing old items can play a major role in lessening waste and saving energy.  One should always think twice before throwing a thing to reuse it. Even if it is of no use to the owner, it can be useful for another person.

Recycle and environmentalism

In the recent times, recycling is one of the Rs that has caught most of the attention of people of all age groups.

Most of the items of our everyday use can be recycled like soda cans, papers, plastic bottles etc. In recycling, old or used items are passed through a process that makes it possible to create new products out of the materials from the old ones.

environmentalismWe can recycle products ourselves or we can buy things that are made up of recycled materials. Recycling is also better for our environment as it also lessens the waste, helps in preservation of resources and helps in the pollution control.

By recycling, the need of new products manufacturing could be lessened and energy and raw materials could be saved.

Many recycling campaigns are now initiated by different governments for sustainable development. In various countries, there are recycle centres that collect used items and the then recycle them.

How to practice three Rs of environmentalism as a family?

These three Rs of environmentalism are fundamental to follow for the sustainable development and protection of our environment.

They are not very much difficult to follow and they make huge difference in environment. By following these 3Rs less waste is produced, less energy is wasted, natural resources are conserved, and space is saved and so on.

We are running out of resources and space, so it is necessary to follow these 3Rs. We humans are like a family and the earth is our home. To protect our home, all the human beings have to act as a family to minimize pollution and to save our planet.

We should respect our planet. But the question is How to practice three Rs of environmentalism as a family? There are many ways to do this. One should adopt these strategies and stick to these.

  • We should buy products that have less packaging or covering. Less covering means less use of raw materials.
  • Reusable items should be preferred like use of a single cloth bag for grocery shopping instead of using a new plastic bag every time for shopping. Besides plastic is also not easy to decompose so it just increases waste on earth.
  • Collect rain water in a rain barrel to use to water the garden.
  • We should use food waste and make compost.
  • We should look for the recycling symbol and always try to buy recycled products like recycled paper, cards, and paper towels, cans etc.
  • Especially plastic containers should be reused. Plastic containers are also handy in storage of food.
  • Government should launch recycling campaigns and competitions should be held to see who have better ideas of recycling.
  • Unwanted items should be given to charity or to other people so they can us them.


  • Try to use things as much as possible like reuse of magazines
  • Give awareness in educational institutions about importance of 3R’s.
  • Promote different campaigns at national and international level
  • Try to minimize waste by producing less number of products.
  • Reduce use of things like reduce use of personal transport and more use of public transport will create less pollution.
  • International standards should be followed like ISO 15270:2008 and ISO 14001:2004
  • Simple practices of everyday life can help like printing on both sides of the paper, using electronic mail instead of sending paper mail; using waste paper to make notes, use clothes to make other household items like book cover etc., use of old jars to make small storage boxes.

By following these 3 Rs, we can prevent pollution, save our natural resources, and make earth a better place to live for us and for our coming generations.

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