How to build your own greenhouse?

It is so easy and fun to build your own greenhouse. Before explaining how to do it first let me give you a little introduction of the topic of my post.

A greenhouse is a small room made of plastic or glass. Mostly it is made of glass. The roof and walls all are of glass.

It is used for growing plants that need warmth and protection. It is also called a glasshouse.

Plants are grown in it for their better growth. The plants that require regulated climatic conditions are grown in greenhouses.

A greenhouse remains warm inside, even during winter. The rays of the sun go in and warm the plants and air inside.

build your own greenhouseThe rays of the sun or the solar energy manage to go inside but got trapped and cannot escape from it. Thus the heat is trapped and it is available to plants grown inside. The basic aim of a greenhouse is to maintain a warmer environment inside it that aids plant to grow.

How to build your own greenhouse?

You can build your own greenhouse at your home quite easily. It helps the home gardening easy. Various plants can be grown in homemade greenhouses.

Tomatoes, onions, peppers, corn, cucumbers, pumpkins, carrots, greens of many varieties, radishes, strawberries, garlic and many other vegetables and fruits can all be grown together in the greenhouse.

The question is how to build your own greenhouse in your space. There are different ways to build it at home and they do have different cost as well.

How to start?

The first thing to build your own greenhouse is to estimate that how much growing space you will need.

The space you need for growing plants plus your work area. The height of plants, their size etc. must also be considered.

Building a greenhouse is an investment that we do for obtaining plants and it is surely a long term investment. A lot of space is needed to plant a large number of vegetables.

Building a greenhouse at your home can be a difficult to start but it is not that tiring. There are different kinds of greenhouses that can be built at home.

It can be built with wood and glass or from PVC material. There are different types of greenhouse making plans.

Also there are a lot of kits available in market that help you build your own greenhouse in a short time and easily.

These kits are of different budgets and everyone can buy it according to his/her range. It’s crucial to choose the appropriate kit. These kits come in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your specific needs.

Different kinds of greenhouses

There are different kinds or styles of greenhouse that can be made from available kits in the market. On the basis of movement, they are of two types.


It is simply attached at a place. The 4 walls don’t need to be built. One wall is the wall of your house and lawn and other 3 walls are built around it. It is less costly than other styles.


Freestanding as reflects from its name, stands alone, which lets you place them wherever you want on your property. It is more expensive than attached greenhouse. It provides a lower cost per plant, since so many more plants can be grown in it.

build your own greenhouseDifferent styles of greenhouse

There are many styles also available in the market. These are:

Quonset style

It is a common style. It has arched style that provides less area as compared to other designs.

Gable style

It is built more like a house, with much taller walls supporting a pointed roof. These are made of glass and are stronger.

Umbrella style

This can be made by putting a clear plastic umbrella on your pot.  It protects plants from frost and bugs while growing bigger and better plant.

Wooden Greenhouse

A wooden mini greenhouse can be adapted to any size and need. It can be made by cutting wooden boards.

PVC Greenhouse

These are simple and most useful. They are easy to make. Also less effort is needed to make a PVC pipe. After creating the basic structure with the pipes, all you need is to cover it with plastic sheeting. Secure it where it is needed with tape or super glue.

build your own greenhouseUse of material to build your own greenhouse

In order to build your own greenhouse, a considerable amount of knowledge is required. The material should be used wisely like wood or PVC or any other material.

The glazing, which is the cover on rods or woods, should also be chosen wisely. Glass is best glazing material but it is expensive. Plastic sheeting works well and is inexpensive but it will wear out quickly.

Greenhouse management

In order to manage your own greenhouse, various things should be kept in mind like balance and availability of nutrients, water, air, sunlight.

Expertise is required for everything from the correct choice of medium and appropriate fertilizer to lighting conditions and irrigation needs.

It should also provide proper nutrients to growing plants. Plus the circulation of air should be maintained to provide plants with necessary gases that are required by plants for their growth.

It should be built at such an angle to receive maximum sunlight or the amount enough for plant growth.

The plants inside it should also be irrigated to provide them with necessary water. Different irrigation mechanisms can be adopted.

Also different elements such as Magnesium, Calcium, Nitrogen, and Sodium must be monitored at all times to ensure proper plant growth.

The ability to properly balance these elements within the greenhouse expertise is usually developed with the passage of time after gaining experience.

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