My name is Mujtaba Baig. By profession I am an environmental awareness expert  and support all those who are working for any type of a green cause. In real life I am a down-to-earth person. That is why I love mother Earth a lot.

From desert to a jungle

I belong to a remote desert of Sindh, Pakistan that is called desert of Tharparkar. Water is still a most wanted commodity there. That is why I shifted to Karachi – the biggest city of Pakistan – that has also become a jungle of human beings. It has abnormally huge population of 20 millions.

Why we injure mother Earth?

Since my childhood I have profound love and affection for nature. Wherever I see any excess against nature like cutting of trees, unnecessarily excavation of earth or crushing of grass I at least think why it is being done if we really know that the Earth is the only planet where we can (still) live. Why we injure our lovely mother Earth. Its answer is not one. Each post of this blog is itself a little reply of this huge question.

Lip service to green care

Now I came to know that most of the people don’t have basic awareness on importance of the clean environment and very few of them know about the hazards of the pollution. Strangely enough most of the people still are of the view that environmental care is nothing but a catch-phrase. Most of the people repeat in their discussions just to let others know how aware they are.

Rise of awareness

During my college days in late eighties most of the middle class lot in my area somehow voiced against the pollution and that happened not because of the rising of their awareness level but owing to the harmful impact of the pollution which started appearing those days. This was the great lesson for me that we should not wait for the appearance of the adverse impacts of any menace but should start taking efforts against it before it’s too late.

I also want a safe environment

Since then I have been working for the cause of a pollution-free environment through all my direct and indirect efforts. I work for various green projects and contribute articles in national dailies to raise awareness on environment and its related issues. The primary purpose of this blog is also to take on board all green lovers of the world to collectively raise voice against the environmental violations in our respective areas.

This can be possible if you guys – obviously now my friends – remain in touch with me through this blog and give your valuable comments after every post you read here to let me know how is the response of my efforts to improve them further. I hope you will keep guiding me to improve my work here, after all we are a green fraternity.

Take care and keep doing for green peace on our planet Earth.